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Samsung Galaxy S8 Details Revealed in New Leak

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According to a new report, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone is going to be unveiled on March 29th. Also, with this new report comes the first ever photo of the new handset. The opinions are divided, as some are saying that the new smartphone has both good and not so good parts. The phone’s design is not at all surprising, especially because the previous reports and leaks were apparently right.

Bezel-less and elegant

The phone has a curved edge and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which is a bit too close to the camera. This is not a big issue apart from the fact that most people are going to touch the camera instead of the sensor, which might affect it in time. The front of the phone is completely bezel-less, which means that such a sensor could not have been placed there.

Interestingly enough, Samsung has not given up on the headphone jack. When Apple did this, the decision was met with controversy but it did not affect the iPhone’s sales. According to those leaks, Samsung is going to reveal two models of the Galaxy S8 smartphone. A 5.8-inches one and a 6.2-inches one. Unlike the case of the S7, this time, there is not going to be a flat S8 model. Some are saying that a smaller model would have been nice too, but Samsung apparently did not look at the situation this way.

Not that different from the Galaxy S7

Apart from the better processor (10mm process), the Galaxy S8 is not much different from the S7. At least in what concerns the internal components. They still have 4GB of RAM, but the internal storage is enlarged. It is now of 64GB and the buyer can add a microSD card which can add up to 256GB to your phone. The batteries’ capacity is slightly reduced from the S7 model but this compensates with the bigger processor. So, the battery life of the phone should not suffer at all. Even better, the batteries will last the same but in a phone with a better graphics system.

As for the camera, it does not seem to be much difference between the Galaxy 7S and S8. Still, it is going to have some slight software changes like the iris scanner which the recalled Note 7 actually had. Apart from that, the new smartphone looks good and will probably move good too. The price is currently unknown but it will probably be higher than that of the Galaxy S7 model. Samsung is probably going to take some time at their New York event in March to discuss the issues Note 7 had and to reassure buyers that the new model does not have them.

All in all, it seems like Samsung is making a strong comeback with their new Galaxy S8 device. If they get it right, the new flagship might be their way out of the hole the fell in after the Note 7 disaster. If they can convince the people that all is right again, Samsung will find success again. That is for sure.

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