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Elon Musk, Serious about L.A. Tunnel to Ease Traffic

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It seems like billionaire, entrepreneur and space enthusiast Elon Musk is as sick of the Los Angeles traffic as many of the people living there. Because of this, he decided to act on it and, in his usual and innovative style, find a solution to decongestion the now infamous traffic issue. On Wednesday, he said that he is ready to begin an ambitious plan which involves tunnels. More precisely, tunnels under the city. How he will do this, as well as when and where, nobody knows for now. One thing is certain, Elon Musk is not fooling around. At all.

Tunnels might be the only solution

People have learned by now to take seriously any seemingly wild idea coming from Elon Musk. After all, the man invented a new way of mobile payment with PayPal, conquered space with SpaceX and has his own electric-car company by the name of Tesla. Moreover, he is also planning on organizing an expedition to Mars in the near future. If this is not impressive stuff, we really do not know what it is.

Musk’s plan is not at all wild if you think about it. It may even be the most normal one out of everything he has done. The tunneling industry in Los Angeles seems to be in a good place right now. In the city, there are many tunneling projects going on, which are mostly destined for a subway expansion. So, why not do the same thing for the traffic problem? Tunnels might be the best bet when it comes to the decongestion of the infernal Los Angeles traffic.

Musk calls this the “Boring Company”

In December, when he first mentioned something about the traffic in LA driving him nuts, he called this project the “Boring Company”. As we said, in comparison to what he has done until now, the tunnel project seems indeed rather “boring”. Many users asked him for details on Twitter. Musk specified that this tunnel would start across from his SpaceX desk. This means Crenshaw Boulevard, which is very close to the SpaceX headquarters and 5 minutes from LAX airport.

Elon Musk is a smart guy and everybody knows it. He started the discussion about the traffic problem just in time with president Donald Trump’s push for more spending on infrastructure. Bingo! On Monday, Musk met with the president to promote American manufacturing. On Tuesday, he started praising Trump’s Secretary of State nominee. On Wednesday, he revealed that his tunnel plans are moving forward. Say this is not smart!

Still, what is this tunnel going to be? A subterranean highway of some sorts? Or it will be just a rather short tunnel built for his people at SpaceX? Hard to guess. We imagine that the project will be grand. After all, this is the man who has the bizarre habit of making reality out of science-fiction. Elon Musk’s ideas are ambitious and wild. However, he often pulls them off marvelously. So, it will be interesting to see whether or not this LA tunnel project would really see the light of day or if it would remain underground forever, buried by bureaucracy.

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