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Resident Evil 7 and its Connection with the Other Titles

Resident Evil 7 title card, dark and creepyFans of the well-established survival horror video game Resident Evil were taken by surprise when Capcom announced that they would take the story into a different direction. More precisely, they were going to leave out all the iconic characters and choose a new name and face, Ethan Winters. Moreover, they replaced the third person perspective with the first person one. However, this does not mean that the new Resident Evil 7 does not have anything in common with its predecessors. After all, Capcom specifically said that the new game is not a standalone or a spin-off. It is simply the next installment, as the title suggests. Also, they said that the events of the new game are taking place right after those in Resident Evil 6. So, there is a connection there. The game is now out and it offers some surprises indeed.

References from the old games

Resident Evil 7 references some events from the past games. Not too many times, but they are there. Ethan’s wife, Mia, is missing. In consequence, he goes to find her at any cost. The problem is that Mia is the one which actually caused a big part of the horrendous events which happen in game. She seems possessed and cannot think rationally anymore, fact which causes her to attack Ethan, her own husband.

Both Ethan and Mia manage to get out of the plantation where the game’s story takes place. However, players soon find out that Mia was not demonically possessed at all. Instead, she was the host of a bio-organic weapon which took the form of a little girl named Eveline. The story goes even deeper, as we soon find out that Mia was employed by an organization (which may or may not be the infamous Umbrella Corporation) to protect the girl during a journey on a ship.

Of course, something goes wrong and Eveline losses control over her enormous powers and destroys everything around her. The ship ends up near the plantation where Ethan find his wife. There is also another hint at previous games in the form of a cameo from Chris Redfield during the final boss fight. The issue most fans noticed here is that he does not look at all like the Chris Redfield we all know from previous games. So, there might be something sketchy there.

Resident Evil 7 learned from the mistakes of Resident Evil 6

We can say that Resident Evil 7 did the right thing where Resident Evil 6 failed. The sixth installment had another feeling to it, more action-oriented. Some said that they introduced so many famous characters that it became almost crowded and tiring. Still, the biggest problem of that game was that it did not feel like a zombie-full, survival horror game. It felt more like an action movie with three narratives which at certain points intertwined.

All in all, we can say that Capcom fixed some of the past mistakes. The series is going in a different direction but it will most certainly preserve the feeling, atmosphere and even some characters from the past installments. Resident Evil 7 is a good game for what it actually is. However, it could have been better. Much better.

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