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Instagram Live Stories Now Available to Everyone

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The Instagram Live Stories feature has now become available for absolutely everyone, all over the world. The company, which Facebook owns, made the official announcement on Tuesday. Instagram has been making experiments with live broadcasting since November last year. They even introduced the feature to some countries, but until now, it was not available worldwide, to all of its over 150 million daily users. It is nothing revolutionary. Facebook already has this feature. Still, it represents an improvement for Instagram, a step forward in claiming the crown for the biggest social-media platform. Facebook still has that too. Instagram is close.

Live broadcasting feature

According to the company, this new live broadcasting feature is a way for people to connect with each other. It is also a way for celebrities to interact and communicate with their fans from all over the world. In order to have access to the new live feature, you will need to update your Instagram app from your specific app store. Apart from the possibility to make a live broadcast, the app also introduced a Top Live section which shows you the most viewed live streams at any moment. So, how can you actually broadcast live? It is very simple. When you enter the app, you will need to swipe right and tap on the “Start Live Video” option. You can find it at the bottom of the camera screen, near Boomerang and the picture and video options.

It is really interesting that the entire video broadcast disappears from Instagram the moment the user stops it. So, nothing is stored to be watched later. Unlike Facebook, where people can come back and watch the video stream at a later time. According to the company, live video broadcasts can be as long as one hour. Your followers will receive a notification when you start the live session.

Instagram is expanding

This new live broadcasting option is part of a bigger update which also included the InstaStories feature, introduced last year. At that time, people accused Instagram of copying Snapchat. They were referring to the possibility to send instant snaps or videos and to apply certain filters on them. InstaStories lacked the Snapchat face masks, but they were still extremely successful. It reportedly now has over 150 million daily users. Moreover, Instagram expects this number to grow even more once this Live Broadcasting option debuts worldwide.

It will be interesting to see the direction in which Instagram will go from now on. They admitted that they want to put more focus on video, the same way their parent company, Facebook, did. It remains to be seen whether or not this would bring even more users on board. Even if the numbers are not going to grow, they are for sure not going to decrease either. For now, users seem to be very happy with how the new Live broadcasting option works. It is bug free and moves swiftly. More video-promoting features are likely to follow in the near future and we cannot help but wonder: what are they going to invent now?

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