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HTC posts $522 million revenue in November, 27% drops year-on-year

HTC has reported a $522 million (NT$15.47 billion in Taiwan) revenue in November 2013, which is 3.2% up from previous month.


HTC’s November’s financial earnings may be satisfied in terms of comparing with previous month, but when comparing it to the last year’s same period, the year-on-year revenue plunged 27.1%. According to the data compiled by TrendForce, HTC might ship more than 5 million smartphones in fourth quarter 2014, decreasing 16.2% from the previous quarter, which wouldn’t increase its Q4 earnings than the previous loss seen in Q3 2013 earnings. While announcing the Q3 results, HTC foreseen that the Q4 earnings would be similar to the Q3’s.

The revenue generated till November shows that HTC is not doing as they expected and it has managed to earn total of $6.45 billion, which is around 29 percent down compared to the last year’s revenue. This time HTC’s report shows that the Q4 earnings might plunge from 4.25 percent to 14.89 percent sequentially to $1.35-$1.52 billion with gross margin of 19-20%.

The sliding in U.S. and Europe market share is the main cause of the financial slowdown for HTC despite introducing the HTC One Max phablets in current holiday shopping season. Moreover, the Nokia’s lawsuits against the Taiwanese manufacturer also feared the company to get banned for its HTC One and HTC One mini handsets in European countries.

As per our knowledge, there are no any magic tricks or magic devices ready for 2013 to lure in more customers and 2013 might be the worst year the company has seen till now, with recording first ever quarterly loss.


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