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Samsung to Announce Galaxy Note 7 Probe Results on Jan 23

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As some reports from last week suggested, Samsung is going to make the official announcement regarding the cause of their Galaxy Note 7 exploding disaster. They conducted an investigation to find out what actually provoked the issues with the phones and will announce its result on January 23. They released an official statement in which they confirmed that the announcement will indeed take place.

The result of the probe

According to them, the announcement will come in the form of a press-conference. Samsung will reportedly detail what really happened that caused the smartphones to malfunction and catch fire. Also, the company will present a plan which will detail their quality enhancement perspectives for the future. They want to avoid such things from happening ever again so, they have started a redemption road which will lead their devices back into the customers’ pockets. The event will take place on Monday morning in Seoul, South Korea. The Samsung official website is going to livestream it in English, for everyone to watch it.

It is not like people do not know that the phones’ batteries are at fault for what happened. However, it will be very interesting to hear their future plans in what concerns the users’ safety. Also, how  they will avoid such a disaster from ever happening again. Experts deemed what happened with the Note 7 as being one of, if not the, biggest technology safety threat that ever happened.

Customers need to trust Samsung

Samsung needs to convince people that they will not have any issues with the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. If they manage to sell it well and nothing similar happens, everyone might just forget the Note 7 scandal. As for the program of the conference, nothing is certain for the moment. Most probably, one of the company’s executives will go on stage and apologize for the entire thing, for the burned devices and for the injuries some of them caused. The company would do well to explain, in detail, how they handled the situation and the costly recall they made.

The investigation should also be discussed and the way the company reached the conclusion that the batteries were at fault for the explosions. Also, how did this happen and why they did not see it coming. However, maybe the most important thing which they will need to focus on is the promise that such a thing will never happen again. Samsung needs to explain that they fixed the issue and that future devices will be better and safer.

Samsung might sneak in a look at the upcoming Galaxy S8 device, but this is just speculation for now. The new handset is most probably going to be revealed at Mobile World Congress. It will take place at the end of February. All in all, it is a very nice thing for the company to organize an event to offer explanations and apologize for their mistake. It is what respected companies do. And it might just help them get back on track when the new device hits.

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