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Google Buys Twitter’s Developer Platform and Team

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It seems like Google recently agreed with Twitter to buy their developer platform. This includes their Fabric suite which also includes the crash reporting service called Crashlytics. Twitter bought the latter in 2013. In 2014, the company launched it as a modulator for developers which allowed them to choose the best tools for improving their apps. It was used for apps which now have 2.5 billion users and were built by 580,000 developers. Those are some huge numbers indeed.

Twitter’s fight for survival

Twitter has been trying to cut some non-essential parts of its company, in an effort to reduce the costs and better its financial situation. So, their choice to give Fabric to Google will keep the developers satisfied while also helping Twitter with their money problems. It is certainly a better solution than to close the platform completely. The developers are not going to feel anything special. Instead of Twitter, now there will be Google which will run it. The companies are reportedly not sharing deal terms, but Google offered each employee at Fabric a job. The entire team has around 60 people.

In October, Twitter announced another round of efforts to cut the costs. The company also said that it would try and focus on its main app, called “Bluebird” by employees which is basically the Twitter app. Also last fall, the company took some decisions which were meant to reduce the costs. Its other businesses like Fabric and Vine were in danger. Vine was actually completely shut down while Fabric was now acquired by Google. According to some reports, Google is planning to merge the newly acquired Fabric with its own developer platform, called Firebase.

A last effort to be acquired?

Twitter needs to do everything it can in order to cost less and to become self-supporting. The bottom line is that if the company does not manage to make enough money, it will meet its end. The Fabric team made the announcement of the acquisition and stated that the company is now entering a new chapter. Its mission will remain the same, to help developers build the best apps possible. Twitter did not offer any more details on the deal, nor did Google. The company’s main crash reporting tool will remain Crashlytics. Its co-founder, Jeff Seibert is going to give up on his post of six years. Crashlytics will be led from now on by Twitter’s vice-president of engineering, Rich Paret.

Still, what is next for Twitter? The very popular app is still not making enough money. They could transform their app Periscope in Twitter Live in order to enable users to broadcast live. Other than that, Twitter should keep on drowning useless or costly divisions in order to cut the costs. A better management of it products should put it back on the market and maybe a more powerful player would finally buy it. It would be a shame for such a popular and useful app like Twitter to disappear because of poor management of resources. We will see what is going to happen. Until then, this is its current situation. And it is not pink at all.

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