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Mozilla Firefox’s Change of Logo is Unfortunate

Mozilla new logo in blue

On Wednesday, Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser announced a “brand new experience” along with a new logo. Advertising matters a lot and it is only normal for Mozilla to try and do something about it. Mozilla’s browser market share fell a lot since 2010. Now, the company is trying to fix the issue and is doing something innovative, in their opinion. So, updates and design changes are absolutely necessary if the browser is to have any chance in the present.

A design change

Mozilla’s logo change is not the most fortunate one, according to many Internet people. The name of the company is now written as “Moz://a”, reminiscent of a standard URL. Tim Murray, the creative director of Mozilla explained this design direction as being a way in which the users would recognize the name immediately, as it encompasses a part of an URL. Also, it would tell them that it belongs to an Internet-related one. Interesting direction, but rather unfortunate and poorly designed.

According to many people’s opinions, this new logo seems made by someone stuck in 1997.  That was the time when companies really wanted to express the fact that they are related to the Internet so they put signs and other different clues in the title. Long story short, it is rusty, old and does not attract. If this was indeed what they were going for, a vintage looking logo, they got it right. Still, something tells us that this was not their plan. In 2017, such a logo only provokes laughter, not interest.

Mozilla’s recent struggle

This new logo of Mozilla only tells us more about how much of a struggle the company is going through right now. It was once the most used browser, not it is only a shadow. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are up there while Firefox is drowning little by little. In 2012, Mozilla also gave up on their e-mail program called Thunderbird. Firefox OS, which was supposed to compete with Android and iOS, was an absolute disaster which nobody wants to remember.

It is really a pity that the once fastest and most innovative browser is nearing its end. Back then, Safari or Internet Explorer could not even reach its level of professionalism, let alone surpass it. They were the ones which first introduced the ad-block and the add-ons to the world. Those are features which are still present now in all the modern browsers. Firefox failed when it became slow, ugly and nothing special. Then Google came along and made everything faster, prettier and easier to use. It even brought the cloud, which lets users store their entire online activity, passwords and everything else. And they can reach those through all of their devices, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

All in all, it is really a shame that Mozilla started what they believe to be the browser’s revival with such an uninspiring step. The ugly logo will not drag them back up. On the contrary, it might bury them forever. Let’s hope that this is not the end.

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