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Android One Smartphones Coming to U.S.

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A recent report tells us that Google is going to launch its Android One program in the United States too. This program was originally made to help developing markets with low-cost Android-powered smartphones. Now, it seems like the program will reach U.S. too and the first such device will arrive before the middle of 2017.

The Android One program

Still, what actually is this Android One program? It is basically a project designed to bring low-cost smartphones powered by Google’s operating system to developing markets. The catch is that those devices do not have the usual features of ordinary low-cost smartphones like lack of security and software updates and bloatware. The program started in 2014 and its main objective was to offer 5 more billion people some good, but affordable smartphones. At first, it was only available in India. Later, it extended to countries like Nepal, Pakistan or Philippines.

Usually, the smartphones which are part of the Android One program are not made by popular United States companies. For example, Micromax, Cherry, and QMobile are just few of the manufacturers. Google was the one which usually chose what to put inside the phones. However, as the project extended to Africa or Portugal, this characteristic became a little bit more flexible. It must be said that Android One was not the successful program everyone wanted it to be. Still, it was not a total failure either.

Android One coming to the United States

According to the same report, this very first such smartphone which will be released in the United States is going to enjoy an advertising campaign made by Google. Apart from this, every other characteristic is the same as in the other countries. This includes guaranteed security and software updates for two years. It is interesting because usually, Android-powered smartphones do not have this feature, except for those coming from Apple. For the moment, the manufacturer of the smartphone is unknown, but rumor has it that it might be LG. As for the price, sources are saying that it will most likely be between $200 and $300.

Still, does it make sense for Google to release the Android One program in the United States? It might. Firstly, it must be noted that the manufacturers are going to receive funding for the promotion of the devices. This will happen only if they abide by the program’s rules of providing software and security updates regularly, for two years. So, this might help the Android fragmentation issue which everyone is talking about.

The problem here is that, unlike the iOS users, Android users do not receive the updates immediately after they roll out. It can be days, weeks and even months until a new update reaches their smartphone. This causes most devices to not run so smoothly, because of the lack of updates. All in all, it remains to be seen whether or not the Android One program will be successful in the United States. Google wants to offer a smooth experience for everyone, even if they own a low-priced smartphone. Let’s just hope they succeed.

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