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2.1 million PlayStation 4 sold globally till December 1st, says Sony

Sony has sold 2.1 million PlayStation 4 video-game consoles as of December 1st, says Sony in a blog post, which is the second revelation of PS4 sales numbers since the first revelation of day-one sales of 1 million consoles.


Although the company had managed to sell 1 million devices in first day on November 15th in U.S. and Canada, next 10 days were not as expected, however, the launch in Europe and Australia had earned an additional 0.7 million sales figures over there.

In Europe, Sony has managed to sell 250,000 devices in first 2 days of launch, where 150,000 Xbox One consoles sold in the same period, according to the trading site, MCV UK.

Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House said that “PS4 delivered the best launch in PlayStation history,” while claiming that “demand remains incredibly strong and continues to overwhelm the supply worldwide.”

Microsoft, not announced its November sales figures yet, which began to sell Xbox One consoles globally one week after Sony PS4’s launch and revealed its first day sales numbers matching to Sony’s 1 million consoles. Which one you would like to buy? The comparison table of specifications of Sony PS4 vs Xbox One would help you to decide.


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