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PlayStation 4 Exclusive RPG Nioh Offers More than Difficult Combat

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Nioh is a PlayStation 4 exclusive RPG videogame which is developed by Japanese company Team Ninja. It will be published by Sony. According to the developers, the game is almost ready and it will be released on February 7. It was first revealed at E3 last year and it showed a game which is massively inspired by Dark Souls. Which is not a bad thing at all. They key here is to make it right and put in just the right amount of difficulty, fun and exploration.

It does not copy Dark Souls

However, the game does not copy Dark Souls at all because it has plenty of elements which makes it different. Firstly, the setting. In Nioh, players will be taken into an alternate history of Japan, in the Sengoku period, in the middle of a civil war. Moreover, many mythological creatures exist and are common among samurai and ninjas. The main character is called William and he is a Westerner who somehow enters this world and becomes part of its conflicts. He is a blonde-haired young man and a very skilled fighter.

Team Ninja are known for their games like Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. This time, they decided to take a different approach and made a game which is not in their usual style. Apart from feudal Japan and all of its problems, players are also going to encounter Yokai. Those are demons who are often preying on innocent victims and roaming the land which is completely torn apart by war. There are at least four different types of such demons, each with their own story and characteristics and each more dangerous than the other.

Familiar combat style

Even if Nioh is not at all a Dark Souls copy, many people who played the latter series will notice some similarities, especially when it comes to the combat style. You can equip William with a lot of armors and weapons. When you are fighting an enemy you always have to choose when to attack, when to block, when to retreat or when to advance. If you are not ready enough, Williams can receive a deadly blow which will kill him instantly. So, players really have to be careful because it really becomes frustrating after a while.

The stances are a new and different thing which Nioh has. The player can choose from three stances which will determine different move sets for William, according to what enemy he encounters. However, the fact that Nioh is such a difficult and complex game should not surprise veteran players. Team Ninja are known to create such video games. When it was released back in 2004, Ninja Gaiden was deemed as one of the most difficult games ever created.

The “stamina” bar in Nioh is called “ki”, but it works the same as in every other game. If you run or fight a lot, it will decrease. The guys at Team Ninja admitted that apart from drawing inspiration from Dark Souls, they also looked at Diablo 3. Which is again, not a bad thing. It is always nice to pick the right elements so that you can create a much better product which players will love.

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