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Samsung Identified the Cause of Note 7 Explosions

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to someone familiar with Samsung, the company concluded the investigation meant to find the exact cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and why were the smartphones catching fire. According to them, the only cause was the battery of the devices. It seems like Samsung wants to end this situation once and for all and prepare for the release of Galaxy S8 in the first half of 2017. What happened with the Note 7 model, the many complaints followed by a very costly recall could have destroyed the company’s future. It seems like they managed to get over it and now, they have issued an official apology at the company’s press conference at the end of CES 2017.

Not hardware or software. Just the battery

At the same press conference, Samsung’s America President and COO Tim Baxter said that the company will most likely announce the exact cause of the Note 7 mess before the end of January. However, according to a report, we now know that they will announce it on January 23. The same source said that Samsung is absolutely sure that the reason behind the phones catching fire is their battery. The company reportedly managed to replicate the explosions during their investigation. Their conclusion was that the fires could not have possibly come from the phone’s design, software or even hardware. Moreover, Samsung is reportedly planning a larger announcement which will explain every detail behind what happened and state how the company will try to prevent other such problems from happening in the future.

An already familiar cause?

Samsung did well to announce the official cause of the explosions of the Galaxy Note 7 models. However, the problem is that everybody pretty much already knew that this was the cause. Or at least suspected it. The phones were overheating and this led to massive explosions which even hurt some people. Moreover, a rogue team of hardware engineers conducted an investigation of their own. They found out that it was the way the battery was made that led to this disaster.

According to them, Samsung’s wish to make the device thinner but still powerful forced them to crowd all the components inside the carcass of the smartphone. The result was disastrous because the elements inside were sitting in constant pressure. This way, the polymer layers of the battery got damaged. When they touched, the explosion happened. It is quite simple if you think about it. What is important is that neither the phone’s software or hardware were at fault for these problems.

An issue is that, rumor has it that Samsung will still be using the same batteries from Note 7 on the Galaxy S8 too. This leads us to believe that they already fixed the problem long ago. Or, that they managed to make them smaller so that they would not sit under pressure and wreak havoc. At least, everyone hopes they did. After all, it would be suicidal to make the same mistake twice. And people would sure not forgive nor forget them this time.

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