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YouTube’s Super Chat Allows Users to Pay for Comments on Live Streams

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Yesterday, YouTube announced a brand new feature which may help content creators make money whenever they are doing a live stream. Its name is Super Chat. What does it actually do? It allows viewers to pay in order for their comment to stand out during the live streaming. Super Chat is supposed to act as a replacement for Fan Funding, YouTube’s first such feature which allowed viewers to pay creators.

Pay for your comment through Super Chat

How does this feature actually work? Well, whenever your favorite content creator goes live on YouTube, from now on, a dollar bill will be displayed in the chat window under the actual video. If you click on it, you will be able to set the amount of money you want to send to that person. In exchange, the comment you leave in the chat window will stand out among all the other “free” ones. It will be highlighted in a different color so that it pops out and you will also receive a few more characters for your comment. Moreover, the more money you are willing to pay, the more time you comment will stay highlighted so that the person can see it. If you think about it, it is kind of an efficient way of dealing with things.

Barbara Macdonald, YouTube’s product manager, said that what they had in mind was for fans and people from all over the world to have easier access to their favorite YouTubers or celebrities. This is also available in reverse, YouTubers can communicate much easier with their followers and ask for their opinions. It is clear that if someone pays just for you to see their comment they are a big fan. This way, creators can offer priority to those kinds of fans.

What about haters?

Twitch also has something like this, called Cheering. On Twitch, users can use chat emotes in order to tip their favorite live streamers. However, with any good invention comes a bunch of issues. The biggest of them would be the haters, which, let’s face it, are everywhere on the Internet. Imagine how much you could hate someone that you would be willing to pay real money in order for them to see your insult. Now, imagine how that creator feels when they receive bad comments which someone paid for. About this situation, Macdonald said that it is up to the creators. They can either ban some specific words at the beginning of the live-stream or even blacklist specific users. Still, how can you possibly know who to blacklist unless they actually say something hateful?

Apart from that, even if the feature is only for adult users, we all know how children can have access to everything nowadays. So, it would not be difficult for them to completely empty their parents’ credit card on comments for PewDiePie. All in all, the new Super Chat will make it indeed easier for creators to monetize their live streams. However, on the other hand, it may bring some unwanted problems too. As with everything, it all depends on how you handle it.

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