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Snapchat Made Changes to Simplify Navigation

Snapchat on an iPhone

Snapchat recently decided to make it much easier for its users to navigate the app and to also find their friends or different groups or stories. So, they implemented a universal search bar which, from now on, will stay accessible at the top part of the screen. The function is launching today only for some Android users and it will be available very soon for each and every Android and iOS user.

The universal search bar

This newly introduced universal search bar has as its main purpose the simplification of the navigation on Snapchat. Also, it allows users to have access to the best content posted on the app by other users. Last year, a rumor surfaced that Snapchat acquired mobile search startup Vurb. Recently, Vurb disappeared and now, Snapchat comes with a new search bar which, according to them, is made for speed. So, the idea is that you ca search for what you want and then keep on doing your own business on the app.

So, what precisely can a user do, now that Snapchat has a search bar? It is quite simple. They can go to the chat thread or story of a specific friend, but all will be done much faster than before. Many people were confused by Snapchat’s different way of dealing with options, like its unique layout and a pretty difficult way of getting around. Now, it is all much simpler with just an apparently basic search bar.

Revenue and sponsors

This new option might prove to be very beneficial for Snapchat’s revenue. For example, some users can pay good money so that their name shows up at the top of the search results. This might be a win-win situation because influencers will look to build an audience on Snapchat. The app will receive money for helping them. Advertisers could also pay in order to introduce sponsored posts early in the search results. It is interesting to note that Snapchat refused to comment on whether or not ads are going to be introduced on search. So, we may have guessed their plan.

The search bar is also very simple to use. If you touch your own Bitmoji on the left, you will go directly to your profile. Then, if you touch the auto-suggest card of a friend or their name in the search results, you can either start messaging them or instantly watch their story. If you hold your finger on someone’s card, you will be able to see their mini profile.

Another novelty is that Snapchat now also lets users post their story on their Our Story. Our Story is used for different occasions and themes like the Holidays or various events. Then, Snapchat can choose from what it receives and decide how it wants to use the users’ snaps. Still, the app does not make it any easier for users to find random nice accounts to follow. This is worrying especially because Instagram Stories, which many consider a Snapchat clone, just hit 150 million users daily. The same number as Snapchat. So, the company must really do something else if they want to keep their audience engaged.

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