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Facebook has A New Project which Will End Fake News

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Facebook recently announced their new project destined to put an end to the fake news scandal once and for all. It is called The Facebook Journalism Project and will look to strengthen the company’s ties with the news organizations. The project is also supposed to give journalists some training which will help them with their newsgathering and reporting. The idea is that the platform wishes for news companies to promote only true news and expand their reach. Also, to find various ways to invent new products.

The Facebook Journalism Project

The Facebook Journalism Project is still only in its very early stages of development. Still, the company seems to have a clear idea as to what this project will be dealing with. It will help news organizations, support local news even promote only trusted news. The lead product manager at The Washington Post said that they are very excited to continue working with Facebook on such an ambitious project that might change the face of journalism. The Washington Post previously worked with them on numerous occasions.

The company announced the start of this project in a blog post. The company said that their main purpose is to help fight fake news and ensure that true journalism thrives. Even of not many of them admitted, social media platforms have become maybe the most important source from where people are taking their information. So, it is extremely important for users to have access to only true stories because misinformation is not something to aspire to.

Facebook, the fake news fighter

In 2015, Facebook launched “Instant Articles”. This is a feature thanks to which, the platform now displays news pieces directly, instead of sending users to other news websites. And because they are so short, the social-media platform works better and moves faster. By moving faster, information reaches all corners of the Globe more rapidly. Now, Facebook wants to alter its “people also shared” algorithm. This is due to the fact that sometimes, unverified news pieces would appear in this segment, as well as some unrelated articles. So, the company wants to change that and make it more trustworthy.

Still, Facebook acknowledged the fact that all those projects against fake-news are still in their very early stages. However, they promise that things are going to evolve and fake news are going to disappear little by little. There is still one very important aspect in this entire fight. That is collaboration. It is in vain if only one platform tries to fight fake news and all the others are just standing by. A common effort is necessary in order to stop the spreading of misinformation.

Facebook product director Fidji Simo said that what Facebook wants to do is become more transparent. Also, to establish the platform’s exact role in the news branch and how much it influences people from all over the world. All in all, it is a good thing that the people at Facebook have started creating such initiatives. Those will indeed help the world in the long run. We will see what is going to happen, but until then, it is calming to know that people are working so that we may have the truth safely delivered to us.

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