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Apple acquires Topsy Labs, a social Media research firm

Apple has shown its interest in social media by acquiring Topsy Labs, a social media research firm that analyzes the trending topics among people on a social network like Twitter.


Topsy analyzes over a billion tweets sent over by the users of Twitter. The tweet would be made searchable on Google by indexing every tweet. Tweets are also analyzed for clients according to the current business trend.

The exact motive of Apple behind the acquisition of Topsy is not known though Apple had developed some software to work with Twitter’s service. Apple also did not disclose the price paid for the acquiring Topsy.

“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” said Kristen Huguet, an Apple spokeswoman.

Though Apple has been known for developing online services like Ping which offered a social network for finding music, it did not last long.

According to Rob Bailey, CEO of Datasift which also competes with Topsy said that Apple might be interested in Topsy as it could make use of indexing and searching the content that makes up Twitter. “Apple could use the search technology to help power its Siri voice search capabilities,” he added.

The one motive which interested Apple might be a project for Hedge fund in October 2012 when the iPhone 4S was introduced and Topsy analyzed the tweets regarding the iPhone. A Topsy spokesman declined to comment.

Though the phone did not get along well with professional critics causing Apple stock to fall, Topsy predicted that the phone would sell well as there was a positive sentiment in Twitter. As predicted Apple reported strong sales sending the stock up.


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