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Logitech presented their New Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech wireless gaming headset G533, seen for the first time, in jet blackLogitech announced the new G533 Wireless Gaming Headset and it just might be their most appealing pair of headphones ever. From the way it looks to what encompasses, the new headset incorporates performance and utility. It is different from previous headsets, but it still screams Logitech when you look at it.

G533 Wireless Gaming Headset

The previous two versions, the G633 and the G933, had some very bizarre shapes on them, oblique angles and LEDs pretty much everywhere. They begged to be called gaming headsets. Now, the G533 is more classic, more elegant while still looking like a true gaming headset. Logitech is known to take these kinds of approaches. For example, their two versions of gaming keyboards where the first was very futuristic, while the second was more professional and you could bring it everywhere. This also happens now. Its color is jet black and each ear cup also has that classical round shape on it. For the untrained eye, it might look weird at first, but the longer you use them, the better they feel. This headset is an oddly satisfying merging of old and new, futuristic and retro.

The headset also comes with a microphone in front of it which you can flip in order to mute. Some might say that the fact that the microphone is not detachable might be a problem. Still, it looks amazing and does not bother the user one bit. It is discrete and delicate. The Logitech G533 uses wireless technology. The range is supposed to be around 45 feet. At least this is what the company says. The battery can also last up to 15 hours, which is a pretty good running time. It is also reportedly replaceable.

The quality of sound

As for their sound quality, it is still unknown whether or not it will be much better than its predecessors. According to Logitech, the microphone is also improved. They reportedly added a very small pop filter. Usually, these kinds of microphones pick up strings of air when you utter specific sounds or groups of sounds. In order to get rid of those, Logitech has designed this small filter.

The G553 is designed only for Windows PC, unlike its predecessor, the G933, which was mainly destined for consoles. This might be disappointing for some Mac users but they must accept that you cannot have it all. The drivers are still the same, the Pro-G audio ones which were exceptional on the previous version of the headset.

All in all, it seems like Logitech has created a very nice new headset which will probably please many gamers. The headphones seem comfortable, light weight and easy to use. When compared to what is on the market right now, they might seem even better. On top of that, they look very good. For those of you who like shiny and sparkly stuff, full of LEDs and colors, these are not for you. Still, if you prefer a minimalistic headset which is equally good, those are the ones you should buy. The Logitech G533 wireless gaming headset goes on sale later this month at $ 149.99.

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