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Zuckerberg ‘s 2017 Challenge: meet and talk to People in all 50 States

Mark Zuckerberg talking with the Facebook logo behindEach year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sets himself a challenge which he needs to complete by the end of the year. According to him, these challenges help him with his personal growth. Some of his previous ones included learning Mandarin, reading a book every week and building an Artificial Intelligence system for his house. For 2017, he wants to travel all around the country and meet people from all 50 states of the United States.

A lot of travelling in 2017

In a Tuesday post on his Facebook profile, Zuckerberg, who has been named Businessperson of the Year by Fortune, revealed his plans for this year. He said that he needs to travel 30 more states, those where he has never been before. In his post, he also said that his huge trip will most likely help him acquire a better understanding of the people of America. Specifically, how they work, live and what is their opinion of the future, considering that 2016 has been a very eventful year. Zuckerberg might want to reconnect with the people. He is not the only one who feels like they lost contact with them. After Donald Trump’s surprise win in the presidential elections, there are some who noticed that the population slowly shifted away.

His plan could also be very helpful for his own business, Facebook. By discovering people’s opinion, Zuckerberg will know for sure where to make changes and where to keep the platform as it is. Improvements can always be made. Maybe this is what the CEO really wants. Zuckerberg says that

My work is about connecting the world and giving everyone a voice. I want to personally hear more of those voices this year.

Loss of millions of jobs

According to some recent reports, new technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and even autonomous cars might lead to huge losses of low-skilled workers. Of course, efficiency and speed will increase, but a lot of people will most likely lose their jobs. Maybe Zuckerberg could travel to those states where this phenomenon is more likely to happen. He always wanted Facebook to be a friendly platform. Hence the algorithm which chooses what people see on their timelines according to their personal tastes. The platform is directly oriented towards its users and without finding what they like and do not like, it is all in vain.

Some other people are thinking about the possibility of Zuckerberg getting into politics soon. It is known that he asked for some documents from the board of directors at Facebook. These documents could allow him to work in the government while still being part of Facebook. And what better way to make your entrance into politics than by travelling and meeting the people? He might want to analyze the country and its people in order to know where to position himself. It could be very interesting if this is indeed his plan. Imagine the popularity he might have as the creator of the most popular social media platform in the world.

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