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CES 2017 is Close. What to expect from it this Year

CES is the place where every year, in Las Vegas, some of the biggest tech companies in the industry gather to show off their new devices to the press. CES 2017 will not be much different than last years’ events. Many non-innovative devices and some which are truly interesting hidden behind the first ones. You might have to dig deep in order to find something interesting and worth your while.

Innovation over recycled technologies

The best recipe for a truly successful CES presentation would be innovation. Like the Oculus Rift was when it was first presented, back in 2013. At that time, virtual reality technology was still almost sci-fi. The device quickly captivated many and went on to be very successful. Soon after, Facebook bought it and it became a household name in the industry. Apart from this, if you are passionate about anything else, from cars to phones to weird gadgets that nobody knows what they do. It is all there.

Still, what can we expect from this year’s CES? Probably what we got in the past years. For computers, there will probably be some new ones coming from the big companies like Lenovo or Acer, but nothing too extreme or innovative. Maybe some upgraded versions of their computers or laptops. Speaking of laptops, they are getting thinner and more powerful at the same time. So, we will probably see some new models.

What to expect from this year’s CES

As for mobile phones, it is unlikely that big companies will unveil some major devices. CES is not known for something like this. Still, there are rumors that Blackberry is going to offer a glimpse into their new phones. Xiaomi will be looking to cross the Chinese borders and enter the global market with a new product. Smart watches might be present too, especially the Android Wear 2.0. Apart from that, Huawei is expected to reveal a new strategy which will encompass artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Moreover, we might hear a thing or two about the new 5G technology at this year’s CES. Even if it will not be ready this year, companies are working towards developing it.

In what concerns the gaming industry, big companies will most likely show off their virtual reality technologies. Now that it entered the consumer market, there is a larger freedom for companies to be playing with it. Still, apart from virtual reality, the gaming industry might touch on some other subjects like augmented reality or 4k gaming. Companies from Microsoft to Sony will be looking to impress the world with their technologies in what regards this subject. It is nice to realize that soon, players will not be able to tell a video game apart from reality. Companies are working towards this and the world cannot wait until they will announce it.

All in all, this year’s CES will be a way of distracting our attention from what is going on right now. Especially with Donald Trump‘s election and his conflicts with the tech industry. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen, but until then, we cannot wait for CES 2017 which will start on Thursday.

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