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Twitter ‘s China Chief leaves the Company

Twitter sticker with the logo on it, on a tableTwitter ‘s China executive Kathy Chen became part of the company just eight months ago. She was hired to deal with the company’s businesses in Greater China. Now, she made the announcement that she chose to leave Twitter following a restructuring in the Asian leg of the company. It is interesting because the Chinese authorities blocked Twitter back in 2009. However, the micro-blogging platform is still popular among users active on private networks.

Another one bites the dust

Kathy Chen was previously hired at Microsoft and Cisco. Eight months ago, she came in to take care of the company’s Chinese deals and to attract more advertisers from China. However, when she was first appointed, many people criticized Twitter ‘s choice because of her past jobs with Chinese enterprises which were affiliated with the government. She had reportedly never used Twitter before last year. In China, Sina Weibo (a micro-blogging platform resembling Twitter) and the WeChat message app are more popular than any other such app. She announced her departure through a Twitter post which read

Now that the Twitter APAC team is working directly with Chinese advertisers, this is the right time for me to leave the company.

She also added that people should not worry because the company’s Hong Kong office would still remain active and that Twitter would still be active on the Chinese market, serving clients from Hong Kong. However, the company did not offer any additional details about Chen’s departure.

China ‘s opinion

However, people in China have blamed numerous times foreign social-media for the spreading of fake news and even cyberterrorism. This was maybe meant as a warning to foreign companies, especially Western ones. They might have wanted to become part of the country’s market. Recently, Twitter moved its Chinese part of the business in the Singapore headquarters.

However, this is not the only executive who chose to leave the company in the recent months. Twitter has been going through some kind of exodus. In October, it made the announcement that it would cut off 9 per cent of the workforce in order to reduce costs. This might imply that the micro-blogging platform is still popular but losing money. In November, Parminder Singh, their director for India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East also gave up on the job. Then, CTO Adam Messinger and COO Adam Bain also stepped down from their positions. Moreover, it is a known fact that the company might have missed a huge opportunity to be bought by Google or even Disney. All because of a price that was too big and many internal problems.

However, a question remains: how will this affect CEO Jack Dorsey? He recently explained how he keeps himself balanced and well-rested. It involves meditation, exercise and coffee. This is how he deals with his two companies, Twitter and Square. Let’s remember that Twitter also killed off Vine, a very popular short-video app, in order to become more profitable. Still, the platform’s user growth is still not as good as Dorsey would like it to be. All in all, the future is bleak and uncertain for one of the most popular apps right now.

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