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Amazon receives Patent for Flying Warehouse for Drones

Recently, Amazon has received a patent for a flying warehouse. Some may wonder, for what? Well, this reportedly huge warehouse will serve as a launch pad for drones. This way, they will be able to deliver various items in a very short time, even minutes. Amazon will reportedly place those flying bases near the big cities and big sporting events. Place where there are a lot of people practically. Their vision is to allow drones to transport food or any other necessary things to the people attending festivals or concerts or even matches. They will also reportedly fly at 45 000 feet and have giant billboards on them, to be noticed easier.

Airborne fulfillment centers

The official name for Amazon ‘s floating warehouses is ”airborne fulfillment center”. They will reportedly be filled with lots of various products. How will they work? It is actually pretty simple. Immediately after someone places an order, such a drone or an aerial vehicle will fly to the destination and deliver the package. According to Amazon, they thought of this solution because this way, drones would not require too much energy. Even none at all. They would reportedly just glide down to their destination instead of taking off. Like a vulture.

Apart from delivering things, these flying warehouses would have many more uses. Think of a match where people need snacks or water bottles. Instead of getting in and out of the stadium and causing unrest, flying drones could just deliver their order while they are sitting right in their seats. Nobody is disturbed and all is right in the world. This might prove to be especially useful during tennis matches, where you need to keep quiet during the match.

An innovative plan

Amazon also said that the flying warehouses would be refueled by a shuttle. This aircraft might also be used as a freighter, to refill the warehouse’s stock of products from time to time. Drones would be able to communicate between them regarding weather conditions or the flying route. However, if Amazon would really want to implement this plan, they would need an approval from the United States aviation authorities. And those are not obtained easily at all. It could actually be the biggest obstacle in the way of their dream.

It is interesting to note that Amazon is not at their first attempt of obtaining a similar patent. Back in July, one of those revealed the way Amazon wanted to use tall structures like skyscrapers or churches as landing stations for their drones. Another, more ambitious one, said something about talking drones which could announce each other about various obstacles and routes. However, just to make sure, the fact that Amazon received so many patents does not necessarily mean that their ideas would become reality.

All in all, it seems like big companies are coming up with equally big ideas in what concerns the future. Be it technology, gaming or e-commerce, they are always thinking about new ways of improving their services and our lives. And this is a very good thing.

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