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Twitter ‘s Jack Dorsey asks Users for Ideas for the Future

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey speaking on a stageOn Thursday, for more than six hours, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had exchanges with users about new ideas, suggestions and how can the micro-blogging platform become even better. His initial message was

What’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017?

A wave of suggestions and ideas

Thousands of users shared their opinions and Dorsey even answered a lot of them. Among other things, he revealed some of their plans for the next year. He also promised to be more actively implicated in the decisions regarding engineering and design at Twitter.

However, 2016 has not been an easy year for the company. Its stock fell down around 29 per cent this year following a wave of criticism regarding censorship of users. Moreover, the company suffered the departure of many top executives. Still, maybe the biggest disappointment of the year was a failed acquisition deal. According to rumors, many companies wanted to buy Twitter, among them Disney or Google. However, its big price and internal problems prevented them from doing it.

Many users also criticized Twitter ‘s way of handling abusive posts. They complained that the platform keeps some particular harassing messages while deleting others. Some even said that the social-media platform applies free speech rules “randomly and unevenly”.

The edit button issue

Despite any criticism and complaint, Twitter is still president-elect Donald Trump’s favorite way of communication. This is also many users’ main problem with the platform. Dorsey choose to not respond to tweets talking about Trump’s way of using the platform and his controversial tweets. Among the many messages talking about this issue, there were some which said that an edit button (which is everybody’s main wish right now it seems) might provide a powerful tool for people like Trump. They can go back to their tweet at any time and alter it so that it no longer says something controversial. This actually happened during this presidential campaign when Trump denied saying that climate-change comes from the Chinese. Back then, users found his tweet and made it public. It said exactly this.

The main reason for which so many users are asking for an edit button is to be able to go back and quickly correct spelling and grammatical errors. However, as Dorsey said, if a user completely changes the message, he should also introduce a revision history. Actually, this is the way Facebook operates with their edit option. It also keeps the original posts. Maybe this could be the best option for Twitter in what concerns the adding of an edit button. Many people said that an edit button with a time feature might be the best solution. This way, you can go back and edit any mistake in just, let’s say, two hours after you posted the message. This way nobody can go back two years and completely modify a tweet.

All in all, it is really nice that Twitter ‘s CEO Jack Dorsey made this question-and-answer session with the users. It shows that he cares about their opinions and that he wishes for them to be happy about what is the main way of communication for some.

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