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Google and Facebook dominating 2016’s Top Ten Apps

Facebook along with other popular apps on a phone screenYesterday, Nielsen released the 2016 list of top ten apps for smartphones in the United States. Many of the entries did not come as a surprise to anyone, especially the number one spot which was once again grabbed by Facebook. It is interesting to note that while many mobile games shattered records and provoked real obsessions this year, the social apps are still the most used by people in the U.S.

Facebook and Google domination

Facebook took the number one spot thanks to its 146 million unique users per month. This also marks a 14 per cent grow since last year for the social media giant. Facebook actually scored more than one spot on this list. Facebook Messenger and Instagram, which are owned by Facebook, also made the cut. The second place actually went to Messenger, with its over 129 million unique monthly users. The third place went to YouTube, with 113 monthly users. Instagram came in at number 8. It also scored the highest growth of the year, with 36 per cents more than last year.

However, it is interesting to note that it was not Facebook, but Google that had the most apps in this year’s top ten. Apart from YouTube, which is owned by Google, the other apps on the list were Google Maps, at number 4. Also, Google Search at number 5 and Google Play along with their mail service, Gmail, at number 6 and 7 respectively. Still, while this is good news for Google, it is no surprise that so many of those apps made the list. They are somewhat basic utilities for a smartphone user. Apple also managed to steal a spot on the list with their Apple Music sneaking in at number 9. This is not very flattering for a giant like Apple.

The e-commerce revolution

Another interesting fact is the raising popularity of the e-commerce. Amazon scored a place on the list with their app in a time when online shopping during holiday season broke records. According to stats, Amazon scored 37 per cents of online shopping this season. The app also registered a 43 per cent growth in comparison with last year. As for mobile games, there are absolutely none on this list. Some may find it surprising, some may not. Games like ”Pokemon Go” and “Super Mario Run”, while being extremely popular, did not manage to beat the rather essential apps that someone has on their smartphone. Apart from that, the popularity of these games, especially “Pokemon Go”, came in waves and after some months, it quickly ended.

Nielsen’ s list also includes a look at all the major operating systems which people have on their smartphones in the United States. 53 per cent of smartphone users have an Android operating system. 45 per cent of them have an iOS system while Windows Phone sits at just 2 per cent of the population. Amazingly, Blackberry is still present with just 1 per cent of people having this system of their phones. It seems like the main battle is still between Android and iOS in the United States. According to some reports, the situation is the same in Europe.

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