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The Sequel to “ Frog Fractions “ was found in another Game

Frog fractions screenshot in-gameIt seems like the long-awaited sequel to the 2012 flash game called “ Frog Fractions “ is now available. However, there is a very interesting story behind this, as the game was never released, but actually discovered.

The game within a game

Players recently discovered the sequel to the “ Frog Fractions “ flash game within another, pretty obscure game which was released on Steam earlier this month. The discovery comes three years after the creators invented an alternate reality game. During this game, they hid numerous clues inside other 23 lesser known games. Apart from that, they sent through the mail a big red button which read “launch FF2” and dressed someone up in a bee costume to impersonate a “beesiness analyst” who then gave out clues to people.

As weird as it may sound, many considered this to be an extremely inspired marketing move from the creators. Why give them the game on a silver platter when you can make them work for it? Still, whoever played the “ Frog Fractions “ game which naturally deals with frogs and… fractions, might understand a thing or two from this campaign. It all had rather literal references from the game itself, which players should have recognized right away. The creators did not offer anything for free and kept the details about the sequel to themselves. This send many players on the run to find clues about the next installment.

A rather interesting concept

Jim Crawford, the game’s developer, spoke in 2014 at a crowdfunding session. Back then, he explained his vision about making players work for what they want and search for clues. Crawford said that when he created “ Frog Fractions “, he wanted to bring back that mysterious feeling of the 80s games. He then declared that he would not officially announce the sequel nor advertise it in any way. Crawford even joked that it would not even bear the same name as its predecessor. This got fans worried because they did not know if they would ever find out anything about the sequel.

This way, Crawford raised $72.000, destined for the development of the game. Since then, fans have been watching carefully each and every new piece of content. Compare it with Schrödinger’s cat experiment and how it must have been to think that every release was the sequel to the game and at the same time, it was not. Fans of “ Frog Fractions “ surely had nerves of steel. Finally, on December 26, all clues started pointing towards another rather unknown title called “Glittermitten Grove”. This game was released earlier this month and is a somewhat simpler version of “Minecraft”. However, it is not that simple, because hidden deep inside it there is “ Frog Fractions 2”.

It must be said that the sequel is very different from the original game. It resembles an old Atari game but it still has those many layers hidden inside it. There are numerous mini games within other mini games for players to discover. It is all a little bit complicated, but it is indeed nice to know that some creators are still struggling to create something original to put out there.

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