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Apple to introduce New iPhone with Dual Vertical Cameras, Rumor says

Apple logo on a glass buildingAccording to a report from Japanese blog Mac Okatara, Apple may soon release a new iPhone model which is going to come with a system including two vertical cameras. The new smartphone will reportedly have a 5-inch display and will represent the medium sized model for 2017.

A new iPhone model

Mac Okatara is Apple ‘s Taiwanese supply chain. According to their report, the new 5-inch model is going to have the exact same specs as two other models, the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus. According to the same Mac Okatara, these two models will keep the aluminum carcass of the iPhone7. A difference will be their new color, which will supposedly be red.

So, if we are to believe this new rumor, the smartphone will not be entirely new, but more of an extension of the already established models. However, the most interesting part is the fact that this new model will supposedly sport a unique camera system. It will have a dual-lens camera with iSight modules which will be vertically put. If true, this will mark a big change from the rest of the iPhone models which are sporting a horizontal camera system. For the moment, it is still unknown whether or not the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus will also have this configuration.

Another rumor for the collection

Numerous rumors have been flying around regarding the next models of the iPhone. However, even these last ones might prove to be untrue, as nothing is yet certain about the future of the new Apple smartphones. The most striking predictions are that Apple is going to release two other updated versions of the iPhone 7. Apart from those, the company will supposedly reveal other two high-end devices. The iPhone 8 or iPhone X, as some are saying its new name will be.

According to the information obtained by an analyst, the iPhones coming out in 2017 will sport some differences from the older ones. Firstly, the flexible OLED display. Then, an invisible touch Home Button. Lastly, a glass casing which will most likely support the new wireless charging technology. Mac Okatara agrees in most part with the information of this analyst. The specifications of the smartphones are the only notable difference. 

However, everybody knows that these reports containing rumors are not always true. They are only feeding on the people’s desire to know what is next for Apple. However, Mac Okatara was right in the past on many fields. For example, they were the first to announce that Apple would get rid of the headphone jack. Also, that it would introduce a new color, the glossy black. Still, they were wrong when they said that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus would also have a “jet white” color. Until now, this has not happened. All in all, it seems like the time of speculation and rumors is upon us. People are curious to find out the latest news, even if sometimes they prove to not be true. This is especially the case for Apple and their iPhones, which are so popular in the entire world.

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