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Virtual Reality in 2016 and what does the Future hold for it

In 2016, the virtual reality technology evolved a lot. Some might say that it actually became a palpable reality. It is interesting that in just a few months, this technology encouraged the beginning of some new computer technologies. Moreover, because of its success, the prices of graphic cards grew a lot, proving the existence of what many call a new step in technology.

The start of a new era

As every new thing, the virtual reality technology is still at its beginning. It still needs some adjustments and minor corrections, but for its first year, it did very well. Also, it looked as if the computer world was ready for this new change. As if it was expecting it to happen for some time. Then, in spring, Oculus Rift launched. The world’s very first virtual reality device. Most of the critics praised it. Interesting how they did this, considering that they did not have any prior experience with virtual reality. However, all was not perfect in the VR world. One major issue everybody had was the price, which was considered exaggerated. Oculus Rift cost $600 at its launch, surpassing by a lot the expectations of only a $250 to $500 price range.

More than that, Oculus Rift was full of hardware issues which did not go unnoticed. However, the device’s seated experience which made the user stand on a chair and hold a controller in his hands, was far more unsatisfying then that of HTC Vive. The latter amazed critics with its virtual reality experience which could be as big as an entire room. You could go around, move and even touch various objects. When compared, it was clear that the HTC Vive was the better virtual reality device.

Issues and the future

Apart from the obvious, the virtual reality headsets have some other bugging issues. One would be that most of them require a connection to your PC which is made, how else, through a wire. This is one of the biggest problems actually and it puts the user’s physical integrity in serious danger. You can trip over wires at any time, especially because you do not see them through the VR glasses.

Then, it must be noted that nobody expected the virtual reality devices to be cheap. They are, after all, pioneers of a new technology which will only from now on evolve. However, the $600 for the Oculus Rift and $800 for the HTC Vive is maybe a bit too much. You cannot popularize a technology when almost nobody affords such a device.

Still, what does the future hold for the virtual reality technology? It is unclear for the moment. However, with big companies like Sony, Microsoft, Samsung or Google entering the field, we can expect some fabulous devices. What is the best bet? According to specialists, it is Google and their Oculus. So, if you called 2016 the beginning year, then 2017 should be the year of evolution and refinement. Games are expected to become even better as companies begin to get a hold of what VR actually is. We will see what is going to happen, but if anything, 2017 should be the year of virtual reality.

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