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Mark Zuckerberg officially unveils his Morgan Freeman-Voiced “Jarvis”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially unveiled his home AI system. He took to Facebook and composed a lengthy post along with a video showing what it can do. The name of the system, Jarvis, comes from Tony Stark’s personal AI assistant from the Iron Man movies.

The legendary voice of Morgan Freeman

Mark Zuckerberg requested the help of famous Hollywood actor whose voice is unmistakable, Morgan Freeman. Jarvis will talk with his voice and will even make jokes which are in theme with the recent pop-culture. For example, when Zuckerberg asks the system to play him a good song by Nickelback, Jarvis responds with:

There are no good Nickelback songs!

In this post, the Facebook CEO wrote that his main goal was to find out more about artificial intelligence and what it can do. One interesting thing he noticed was that the technology is more evolved than people realize. At the same time, we are far behind the point we wish we would have reached by now. In the video attached to the post, Zuckerberg shows how Jarvis helps him in the morning. From waking up, to preparing the living room and to even making breakfast. The system controls the window curtains, sets the temperature and also gives him another, fresh grey t-shirt.

A difficult challenge he managed to overcome was to get Jarvis to connect all the systems in the house. Once that was done, the rest was very simple. However, not that simple was the fact that he had to find a way to make non-internet connected devices work in this system. So, for his toaster and dog food dispenser he found alternative ways to make them function.

A whole lot of functions

Jarvis can also function as a virtual secretary to Mark. In this video, it could be seen helping him with his daily schedule. Apart from this, Jarvis is also their daughter’s babysitter. It plays soothing music in her room or dims the lights. Zuckerberg found it easier to communicate with Jarvis via text messages after he installed the Facebook Messenger app. The problem with voice command is that the system does not always understand exactly what you want and it can take time.

As for the security measures, Jarvis is programmed to open the door only for people Zuckerberg knows. How does it know that? The Facebook CEO installed some facial recognition cameras at his front door. So, when for example, his parents are waiting at the door, Jarvis automatically lets them in and informs Mark about the visitors. The home AI system is also smart enough to play music according to the owner’s personal taste. He programmed it to recognize his and his wife’s voices, so that when one of them asks it to play music, it will play it according to that specific person’s taste.

However, what does the future hold for Jarvis? Was it just a challenge for this year? Not at all. Zuckerberg says that he wants to keep improving the system. Also, in a few years, he wants everyone to have access to it.

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