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Twitter loses yet another Executive. Is this Bad News for the Company?

Recently, a lot of executives have left their jobs at Twitter. Now, that list just got lengthier with the parting of the company’s chief technology officer, Adam Messinger. On Tuesday, he officially announced his departure via a Twitter message. In it, he cited the wish to distance himself from technology as the main reason for his decision. CEO Jack Dorsey also thanked him for everything he did for the company.

A massive loss of executives

However, Messinger’s departure is not singular. Almost a month ago, Adam Bain, another important person for the company, left. He was filling the job of chief operating officer and head of sales before he decided to quit. Moreover, before Bain, Twitter also lost six VPs. Now, a product executive in the person of TellApart CEO Josh McFarland also announced on Tuesday that he was quitting.

It is clear that Twitter is not in a good place right now. With this massive exodus, as some called it, the future of the company seems even bleaker than before. In October, the micro-blogging platform cut 9 per cent of its staff in order to reduce costs. Apart from that, they also decided to kill off Vine, the quirky but very popular short movie app. Young and aspiring movie makers and comedians mainly used Vine to film very short amusing movies which everyone could watch afterwards.

Problems at Twitter

What is going on at Twitter is at least curious, because the company is growing its user base with each passing day. Still, they seem to be failing to take the money out of it. There are some interesting initiatives which have been circulating around, destined to attract even more users to the platform. Many of them are suggesting that Twitter should become a more interactive platform and even encourage people to engage in conversations. Moreover, the company might need to come up with some fun ideas in order to keep its users entertained.

At one point, rumors were flying around that Salesforce was interested in buying Twitter. However, it seems like the company gave up on the idea and decided not to seal the deal. Still, it is interesting to note that Twitter has bought Yes Inc. More than that, the reason behind this move is the most unusual one. According to some reports, Twitter really wanted to hire the company’s founder, Keith Coleman, and name him their new product chief. Apart from him, the micro-blogging platform did not have any interest in Yes Inc.

The reason

As for the reason behind Messinger’s departure, it is still unknown. He became Twitter ‘s chief technology officer back in 2013. His job was to watch over the design, product development and the engineering for the company. Twitter did not directly address his departure but released an official statement. In it, they are saying that because of the developments they have made in 2016, the company decided to make further progress. This progress curiously includes exactly the areas which Messinger was in charge of, until now. The statement also explained that those three fields would from now on report directly to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

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