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Apple CEO Tim Cook says New and Great Mac Desktops are coming

Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook reassured everyone through an official statement that the Mac desktops are still very important for the company. They will reportedly continue their production despite the success of the recent MacBooks.

Mac desktops still important

According to the statement posted on Apple’s internal employee message board, the Mac desktops are still very important and strategic for Apple. Tim Cook said that there are still many people who are using Mac desktops for a variety of reasons. Firstly, a desktop packs more storage and memory than a laptop. Secondly, they come with a much bigger screen and have the fastest performance. So, this is why a desktop computer is still very crucial for some people and businesses and Apple are still counting on them.

Moreover, the Apple CEO wanted to reassure everyone that Mac desktops are still in the schedule for future releases. Also, that they will be very important for the company.

iMac is the new desktop?

Now, it is unclear which machine Tim Cook referenced in his statement. Apart from the iMac, was he also making references to the Mac mini and Mac Pro? This is important to know as the Mac minis has not been updated since 2014. At the same time, the Mac Pro was last updated sometime in 2013, so three years ago. This would make one believe that the latter might be very well dead and gone. This makes them and their components pretty old stuff, even if at the time, they were released they represented the last innovations in their field. Technology evolves everyday and it is very hard to keep up with it.

The iMac on the other hand is up to date, having received an update each year in the last five. So, if we were to dig deeper, we might reach the conclusion that Tim Cook is referring to the iMac when he is talking about the importance of the Mac desktops for the company.

No further details

Other than that, we still have no idea what will actually happen to the Mac desktops or when a new one will be released or even announced. This might prove to be a problem for the dedicate desktop users. Apple is practically asking them to just hold on because eventually a new one will be released. That’s it. No date and no further details. Still, some people might become tired of just waiting in vain and might move to other desktop machines, like the Microsoft’s Surface Studio PC. This was described as being a very strong tool when it comes to art and creativity-oriented users especially. It may even replace the Mac in this regard.

All in all, it is understandable that Tim Cook wanted to make it clear that new desktops are coming to Apple. However, by not giving away any details, he did not solve anything. Especially the worries of the Mac desktop users who are eagerly awaiting news. We will see if he decides to comment any further on this matter.

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