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Elon Musk ‘s “Boring” Company to build Underground Roads?

Elon Musk has done everything. From businesses with electric cars and space transportation to solar roofs and levitating trains. So, when he posts a message in which he complains about something, like it was the case on December 17, people cannot help but wonder whether or not he will actually invent something new to deal with that matter. He may simply be joking, or he may not.

His “boring” company

Two days ago, Elon Musk posted a message on Twitter in which he complained about the traffic.

Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…

People were amazed when after two hours from his initial message, Musk posted another one in which he said that he did not actually joked about tunnels. He also changed his bio on Twitter and added “tunnels” to his businesses and stated that the company would be named “The Boring Company”. However, if you would start digging, you would find out that Musk has talked about building underground transport tunnels in the past. He voiced it at a January event where he presented his 2013 Hyperloop train when he said that one of his biggest wishes is for people to “build more tunnels”.

Musk ‘s concept

According to Elon Musk, a tunnel is not something extremely difficult nor hard to do. Still, not enough people are doing it. This “hole in the ground” would help immensely with the very busy traffic and decongestion it. He also stated that multi-leveled tunnels could help greatly, especially in big cities where traffic has become almost impossible.

Moreover, considering the fact that these ideas come from Musk, the tunnels could be used by Tesla electric cars. Many of them are already almost one hundred per cent autonomous. Musk has also said that they are planning to implement the future cars from Tesla with an autonomous system which will allow them to fully function as a taxi. Thanks to this system, the cars will function while the driver is not even present or sleeping.

A set of incredible ideas

Elon Musk is no stranger to incredible and futuristic ideas. This year, he announced that Tesla would put up an electric car affordable for everyone and their everyday use. He also explained a very intricate plan which will allow humanity to colonize Mars while seriously saying that we are all probably players in some sort of video-game simulator. Now, it seems like this rather doable idea with the underground tunnels seems really mundane.

All in all, Elon Musk does not cease to amaze everyone. The Tesla CEO has been putting some amazing ideas out there. Some people laughed at them, but if we would stop for a second and think about it, we would reach the conclusion that his ideas might be revolutionary. The big cities already have tall buildings, so you cannot go up anymore. However, you can go down, underground and start digging for solutions (no pun intended). Instead of making fun, people should be thanking this man for his ideas that might eventually make life easier for all of us. If not, we might as well be going to Mars. Wait… we need him for that too.

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