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Samsung Galaxy S8 20% more Expensive than its Predecessor

Samsung Galaxy S8 conceptual imageIn spring, Samsung is expected to deliver one of their best smartphones ever. Rumor has it that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out in April, but nobody knows for sure. The main idea is that after the Note 7 mess, the company will need to not only meet, but surpass everybody’s expectations with an amazing device. They will need to work a lot more to make customers forget the fiasco that was the exploding Note 7. Also, the company itself will need to distance itself from the hole the recall has left in their budget.

Innovation and more innovation

Samsung is reportedly looking to reinvent the Galaxy smartphone and to make amazing innovations. This will not come cheap however, as some recent reports are stating that the new S8 is likely to cost 20 per cent more than its predecessor, the S7.  

The finance company Goldman Sachs, the one who conducted this analysis, concluded that the main reason for which the new smartphone will be more expensive than the last one is the addition of Viv. What is this you may wonder? Well, Samsung has bought Viv Labs, an artificial intelligence startup. This is the reason why everybody thinks that the S8 will have an artificial intelligence-based assistant integrated in it. So, the costs for the materials will be bigger ad Samsung will need to make profit. The result? A bigger stating price. For example, the S7 Edge starts at about $800. In comparison, the new S8 might start at $950.

Worth it

It will be expensive, we agree, but if the rumors are true, it will be all worth it. Apart from the addition of Viv, the new smartphone will supposedly be bezel-less and have curved edges. It will take its power from a 10nm system-on-chip which will again cost a lot more to manufacture. Apart from that, Samsung is still looking to come back after the hard budget loss inflicted by the Note 7. Reportedly, that mess cost the company around $3 billion.

However, there might still be a problem as Google might stop them from incorporating Viv into the S8 device. Google is intending to equip the Android with their Google Assistant which is now available only with Pixel and the Pixel XL. Also, their plan is to ring it to other devices soon. This is how they might prevent Samsung from using Viv, at least for now.

For now, nobody knows anything for sure. The company will probably reveal their new Galaxy S8 in spring, either March or April. They are expected to not attend the February Mobile World Congress 2017. We will see if the company really decides to take this pricey path or if they will play it safe. After all, their customers have already been let down once and now, if they will come out with a very expensive new phone, they might just give up and say good-bye. It is risky for them to try and draw profit from a new device in order to cover the budgetary hole left by the Note 7.

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