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Donald Trump offers to help Tech CEOs at their Meeting

Many people expected Donald Trump ‘s meeting with Silicon Valley’s CEOs to be a little bit more brutal than it was. Maybe some insults or heated contradictions. Well, that was not the case at all. Even if Trump had some issues with some of them in the past, especially during his campaign, it seems like it is all in the past.

A tech meeting

The president-elect invited some of the biggest names in the tech industry to be part of a meeting on Wednesday, in his Trump Tower in New York. From Google to Amazon, from Apple to Tesla. They were all there. Even if Trump publicly attacked Apple along with many other companies during his presidential campaign, now things seem a little bit calmer.

He started the meeting by praising them and saying that they are unique individuals. Trump also offered to help them in any way necessary, saying that there should be a collaborative relationship between the president and some of the biggest tech companies in the world. It looks like this introduction made for a calm discussion. Maybe the CEOs understood that he means peace and are willing to listen. Witnesses described the meeting as being “cordial”. Trump did not attack any of them and they payed attention to what he had to say.

What the subjects were

According to a later press release, the executives talked with Trump about the need of the companies for skilled immigrants. Another subject was the tax reform. Also, the representatives of the companies told the president-elect how can the government make their technologies better in order to not have to deal with security breaches. Amazon, IBM, Oracle and Palantir were also present at the meeting. Palantir is actually the company co-founded by Peter Thiel, a very controversial figure which is a big Trump supporter. He is also part of his transition team and has financed his presidential campaign, much to the dislike of the entire Silicon Valley.

The president-elect also said that he would be holding more meetings in the months to come. Apple CEO Tim Cook along with Tesla CEO Elon Musk took part in separate meetings with Donald Trump, also on Wednesday. It is unknown what they have discussed.

Why no Twitter?

Everyone was amazed when Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, did not receive an invitation to the meeting. This was unusual because, as we all know, Twitter is Trump ‘s favorite communication method and he uses it frequently. Too frequently, some might say. Supposedly, the reason for this was Twitter’s refusal to introduce a #CrookedHillary emoji. However, a Trump spokesman declared that the only reason was the lack of space in the room and the fact that many other tech personalities wanted to attend. So, they thought to leave out maybe the most rightful person to be there. Very interesting.

All in all, it is still unclear what the relationship between Donald Trump and the tech executives is going to be from now on. One thing is sure: they stopped attacking and insulting each other. And this is great progress.

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