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Silicon Valley Tech Employees refuse to build Muslim Database

Hundreds of tech employees from Silicon Valley are protesting against a Muslim database. Workers from big companies like Twitter and Google have refused to help with the building of such a registry, which is supposedly president-elect Donald Trump ‘s idea.

Speculation or truth?

Nobody knows for sure if there is any truth to this rumor that the Donald Trump administration wishes to keep track of every Muslim person in the United States. According to this rumor, they asked employees from various Silicon Valley companies to help with its building. Now, they are protesting and saying that they are not going to do such a thing.

According to their pledge which was released on Tuesday, the workers are choosing to stay together with the Muslims and immigrants in America. They are also saying that this database is going to violate their religious beliefs which are protected by the Constitution of the United States. Moreover, the employees believe that the government wishes to make this database in order to keep track of people they consider not fit for the country and to later deport them. In conclusion, they are refusing to help with this action and are protesting against it. Their letter goes as far as to compare what is happening to the Holocaust or the World War II. Two very important engineers from Wave and Slack have helped the workers sketch this pledge.

Twitter is the only one that spoke against it

Most of Silicon Valley ‘s big companies have not declared anything regarding this issue, apart from Twitter. The company has publicly said that they are not going to help with the building of this Muslim database. Still, the pledge gas over 500 signatures, including some from people working at Apple, Google or IBM. From this, one can draw the conclusion that many other companies are against the registry.

Donald Trump ‘s anti-Muslim plan

President-elect Donald trump has repeatedly mentioned during his presidential campaign that he would work against Muslims in the United States. He called for a ban of integration of Muslims in the country. He mentioned this Muslim database at a rally and he seem to support the idea of it. Silicon Valley tech companies have publicly opposed Trump ‘s ideas. This is why this pledge’s timing is curious as it happens just a day before Trump meets the most important people of these tech companies.

A tech meeting

It will be interesting to find out what they have discussed and if they reached a common purpose. It is unlikely, as many of them are strong opponents of Trump ‘s ideas, but everything is possible. They would all want to know what the Trump administration would bring to their field. Everyone is curious what the president-elect’s answer would be, considering the fact that he did not say anything clear about his plans.

However, it is interesting to notice that the organizers of this pledge have warned that even if some employees of big companies have signed it, this does not mean that they are opposing the database. It takes more than a signature to change the world.

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