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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey not invited to Trump ‘s Silicon Valley Tech Meeting

On Wednesday, some of the most important persons in the tech industry are going to have a meeting with president-elect Donald Trump. It is still unclear how calm or how tense this meeting is going to be, considering Trump ‘s past rants about this industry and Silicon Valley ’s strong dislike of his ideas. It will take place inside the Trump Tower in New York.

The purpose of this gathering

The official agenda of the meeting has not been released to the public, but many people are expecting it to be mainly about jobs in the United States. Also, immigration might be a hot topic of discussion, especially because Silicon Valley does not seem to agree with president-elect’s views on the matter.

Among the many guests of the meeting there are some huge names like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and tesla ‘s CEO Elon Musk. Also, important people from Google, Microsoft Amazon or Intel are going to also be present. However, there is one very important figure which has surprisingly not been invited and nobody knows why. The CEO of Trump ‘s favorite social communication platform: Jack Dorsey of Twitter.

No Jack Dorsey

According to some close sources, Twitter’s CEO has not received any invitation to Wednesday’s tech gathering. This is either a mistake or something very bizarre is happening. Everyone knows that Donald Trump ’s favorite way of communication is through his Twitter account. He has used it before the campaign, during it and he is using it now, after he won the presidential election. Some would say that by doing this he makes sure that his message gets to the people clear and unmodified. Neither by the press or by anyone else. Which, we must admit, might be a very good thing.

This might prove to be beneficial for Dorsey

Maybe his invitation got lost in the mail? Maybe Trump invited and he is saying that he did not (which is unlikely). The idea is that Jack Dorsey has been saying some interesting thing about his views on Donald Trump and the way he is using Twitter. He described his feelings as being “complicated” which is not always a good sign. So, it is possible that Trump heard this and decided to skip him. In a way, maybe it is better for Dorsey to not be there and then have to act all happy like nothing happened. This way, he can continue being honest about his ideas . And it is not like Trump has quit Twitter or anything.

All in all, the exact topics of discussion are undisclosed but will most probably transpire after the meeting. Both sides have very different views on a lot of matters. It would be interesting to see what they can come up with in order to work together. Not even work, but at least get along. It is important for a president to be respected by his country’s most important tech players and companies. Silicon Valley represents just that. Things might become difficult if they do not reach a common ground.

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