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Instagram introduces Live Video while Facebook ‘s 360-degree Livestream goes up

On Monday, Instagram released (only to the U.S. public for the time being) its new live video streaming update. You will be able to access the live video option in the Stories tag. Also, Facebook ‘s 360-degree livestreaming went online.

Will it be as popular as Stories?

Instagram Stories became extremely popular when it was released a few weeks ago. This feature allows users to post short videos, pictures or boomerangs which will disappear after 24 hours. However, many people complained that Instagram’s then newest feature resembles too much the main function of another popular app, Snapchat. Some argued that by implementing those, Instagram would practically kill Snapchat as it would become useless. Now, after the Stories got released, it seems like they were not right. Snapchat is still doing just fine and it has its own user base.

The question is, will the live video feature become as popular as the Stories? It is still unclear but many users already see the change as being a totally useless and recycled one. They are saying that it will most probably not be any different from Facebook ‘s live video function or Snapchat ‘s. We also do not know whether or not this new update was actually needed an if it will help the app in any way. The main problem is that this is already the second time Instagram has done this. First with the Stories which users could already find in Snapchat. Now this, which fans can find in Facebook and Snapchat as well.

How is this working? The user will receive a notification when someone they follow goes live. If you do not watch it while it is in real time, you will not be able to save it for a later watch, as Facebook does. The video will disappear.

Facebook ‘s 360-degree livestream

It seems like Instagram is not the only one introducing live stuff. Facebook want to implement 36-degree live video streaming in order to allow users to see everything that is going on around. National Geographic’s page will be kicking it off with a live 360-degree video on Tuesday. The video is going to provide a glimpse into the lives of some researchers. They have been in pods for the last 80 days, at Utah ’s Mars Desert Research Station.

For now, the 360-degree broadcasting will be limited. However, Facebook promises that next year, the option will be available for any page or user. The company’s main goal is to attract more people the live video broadcasting. Still, the service is growing as it is as more and more people are doing live session, from celebrities to normal people who want to show different things to their friends.

Facebook has actually been spending a lot of millions in order to encourage celebrities to use it and to subsequently promote the service. It is interesting that, according to a research, the majority of live video streaming is coming from normal people, not celebrities. So, it seems like Facebook has partially reached its goal.

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