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Over 100 New Emojis came with iOS 10.2

Today, Apple released their iOS 10.2 update. It includes a lot of new things: new wallpapers for your phone, new apps (even a TV app), but maybe the most awaited new feature are the new emojis. Some of them redesigned, some of them completely new. Over 100 of them. It seems like the emoji lovers are going to be in emoji heaven. Interesting, right?

Emojis are the present and the future

It seems like these new little images of various things are the present and the future of written communication. Everyone these days uses them. And when you think about it, there really are easy to use and express a lot of things. For example, instead of writing a long sentence in which you express something, you just choose your little emoji and it will say everything for you. Instead of sending a picture you can just send that little guy or girl or fruit or poo and it will do it for you. Simple enough.

There is even a website called Emojipedia which explains you the different meaning behind the emojis. Its founder, Jeremy Burge said that with the arrival of emojis, our text conversations have become increasingly more personal. They have flavor and personal touch. Some people use an emoji often while other use other emoji. This way, that friend’s personality can be transmitted through text.

The science behind

In 2014, a doctor from an Australian University conducted a study. He wanted to know what attracts people to these little images called emojis. His findings were amazing. According to him, a human reacts to an emoji the same way it would reach to a real human face in front of him. The psychological impact of it is the same. It is all about perspective and that part in our brain which responds when we see a friend’s face. The doctor also said that this might be the reason why they are so popular and used. They are very personal and a part of our character.

New emojis

There are about 100 new emojis which iOS 10.2 introduced. Among them several animals which were missing like a gorilla (maybe in honor of gorilla Harambe?), shark, a cute foxy. Also, many other cute little emojis like an astronaut, a mechanic, facepalm, selfie, an avocado or a clown. Some of them are simply older ones redesigned like the peach which many people said looked too much like a backside.

It is very interesting to note that Apple does not create these emojis themselves. The non-profit organization called Unicode Consortium actually creates them. They also ensure that the little images are completely functional on many other platforms. When it comes to implementing them, Apple is the leader as the company is the first to introduce new emojis when they become available. However, Android usually follows soon.

All in all, it seems like the world’s obsession with emojis is not gone. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly stronger as new ones are added often. It is a good thing. We might soon be able to tell entire stories just by using these little images.

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