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Louvre tour app released on Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has been known recently for providing unique 3D game experience in the Nintendo 3DS console after its release of “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds”. The company has also shown it can develop some quality educational apps.


The “Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre” was released by Nintendo today which provides a digital tour of the popular art museum in Paris. Since March 2012, Nintendo has been the official audio guide for the museum. Now the virtual version of the app allows for a digital tour on the console. The app’s release also marks Nintendo’s first non-game application, though last year it had released Google Maps  on Wii U.

The app includes narration on history behind 800 photographs of different artworks, 3D models to offer an innovative experience and high quality images of exhibits in the museum. Another feature is the floorplan maps which allow users to discover the exhibits and walk at your own speed. Whenever new exhibits are added to the museum the app would provide updates. The updates would be provided free of cost.

The app can be further utilized while visiting the Louvre museum by activating “Visit the Louvre” mode, which uses location-sensing to notify the which room you are  in the museum.

The app is was released on December 2 and is priced at $19.99. The total size of the app is 14,395 blocks (1.8 GB), hence a memory card with a 4 GB or more would be suitable.

With all the travelling and official expenses along and time spent to visit the Louvre in Paris the app seems to be a good buy.

Check out the Nintendo 3DS Louvre video :


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