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Jack Dorsey ‘s feelings are “complicated” regarding Donald Trump

On Tuesday, at a Code Commerce conference which took place in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked about some quite interesting things. Among those was the issue surrounding numerous social-media platforms. Also, the people who are accusing them of promoting president-elect Donald Trump.

Not Twitter, but America choose Trump

Dorsey had some very straight forward answers when the reporters asked him about this issue. Because so many people along with celebrities are using Twitter, presidential elections have always been a focal point for the social media platform. This year’s election even more because everybody knows what a big fan of Twitter Donald Trump is. He declared that by choosing to post messages on Twitter, Trump is allowing users to see directly into his mind, without another interference from media or anything else. Until now, he was not very good with technology and often posted some controversial messages. However, it seems like Trump has now learned how Twitter really works.

When asked whether or not he thinks that Twitter or any other social media websites had anything to do with Trump becoming president, Dorsey answered that nobody but people of America voted for him. As a consequence, he is now president-elect. Is that simple.

It is complicated

While talking about this new era of technology where everything you say is public and you cannot really hide, Jack Dorsey said that his feelings are “complicated”. He was referring to the way president-elect Donald Trump is using the platform. Twitter’s CEO also said that he is very proud that the president has chosen his social media website to express his thoughts. Still, there are some implications and the issue can become subject of debate.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has often posted controversial, often not very accurate messages on Twitter. He is still using Twitter as his main communication method even now, when he will soon be moving into the White House. There were some rumors that members of his campaign team have banned him from using Twitter for some days before election day. They supposedly did this in order to avoid any more controversies. Some people even gave him the nickname “the first Twitter President”.

Twitter affected by fake-news too

However, the fake-news scandal has also affected Twitter, along with Facebook and Google. Many have accused them of promoting fake-news reports which changed the outcome of the election. For Twitter, the problem might be even more complex. The company is facing some more accusations of not implementing enough tools to stop abusive messages from spreading. Dorsey agreed that those companies are playing a very big part in distributing news. They are also distributing many opinions which often create controversies. However, this is beyond their power. You cannot tell people what to think or what to share. At the same time, Twitter’s CEO said that they need to make sure that people are receiving only the truth. That is the most difficult part. They need to learn how to handle this even faster now.

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