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Is Google ‘s Pixel actually better than the iPhone?

Two models of Google Pixel in blackAccording to a recent report, Google ‘s Pixel has been identified as a better smartphone than the iPhone 7. While it is true that there are many customers who got used to a specific brand of smartphone and are only buying its devices, there are others who are always shifting. They are in a never ending search for the greatest smartphone. They are the ones who deemed the Pixel as being the superior smartphone of the two.

Is Pixel really the better one?

Let’s say that for once, the Google Pixel is a lighter phone. The iPhone 7 plus weights 188 grams, while the Pixel about 168 grams. So one might consider the iPhone a much heavier device. Also, the Pixel is easier to handle, feels softer and the fact that it is lighter does not affect its reliability at all.

Then there is the screen battle. The iPhone comes with a LED screen while the Pixel possesses an AMOLED one. The AMOLED one has brighter colors and more pronounced contrast. Also, it gives the impression that it makes everything look better in comparison with the iPhone. Not only photos but also apps, videos or other colored things. Ok, the Pixel is maybe not as beautiful as the iPhone, but the display makes up for this. It beats the LED one by far. The resolution is also better in the Pixel, with 1440p versus the iPhones’ 1080p.

The Pixel wins some battles

According to this report, Google ‘s Pixel has a slightly more powerful processor than the iPhone 7. Apple uses a A10 Fusion processor on their device, while Google Pixel uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 coupled with the Android Nougat 7.0. The difference is not striking, but it is there and it counts in this comparison.

Now, let’s ignore the extraordinary AMOLED screen and the very good Android operating system of the Pixel. What about storage? Google is nice to offer Pixel users unlimited audio and video cloud storage. Apple loses again as their cloud storage is limited. So, there are enough reasons to believe that Google ‘s Pixel is indeed the best smartphone out of the two. Ok, it may not enjoy the same publicity as the iPhone or the same notoriety, but wait until more people will realize that Google’s phone is actually the better one.

A problem of taste

Still, this does not mean that everybody must agree. On the contrary, there are numerous people who think that the iPhone is “The smartphone”. And there is nothing wrong with that. For them and their needs, the iPhone might do the trick best. For others, the Pixel might seem like the best solution. Another area in which the Pixel might be better is the way it is designed. Its case has a glass inlay on its back which prevents you from dropping it. Which is a very frequent problem with the iPhones. It may be because of their sleek metal back and edges, which are gorgeous, but they do not offer the best grip in your hand. All in all, this is a matter of preference and will most likely remain so as Apple does not seem to go away any time soon.

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