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Facebook tells everyone to Stop worrying about Artificial Intelligence

On Thursday, Facebook launched a campaign which has as a purpose the education of the masses in what concerns the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence phenomenon. The social media platform released some short videos which explain the technology used for face recognition, self-driving cars and language translation. Facebook wants to reassure everyone that Artificial Intelligence is not going to take over the world and destroy human race, as some people are anticipating. Famous scientist Stephen Hawking expressed his worries in this regard, saying that nobody should encourage the development of artificial intelligence if they are not sure it can be kept under control.

Artificial intelligence is already here

Actually, Facebook want you to know that artificial intelligence is already present, in one form or another. For example, on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, artificial intelligence decides what you see first. All according to your interests. Google’s CEO has said that the company uses artificial intelligence very much these days. So much that it will soon become AI-oriented instead of mobile-oriented. Moreover, money and energy is put into the development of artificial intelligence. Facebook’s AI Research group has over 75 researchers spread in the entire world. They are working to find the best solutions for the implementation of the AI in everyday chores. Also, in some other important fields.

Criticism and praise

As we said, Stephen Hawking does not believe that developing artificial intelligence would lead to anything good for the world. He actually said that it might even

“Spell the end of the human race.”

At the same time, other important faces of the industry said that they will be working towards advancing AI into something truly beneficial for humanity. Among them, Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Him, along with some other Silicon Valley researchers have actually launched a non-profit organization called OpenAI. The NGO is doing just this, but in an organized way.

The fake news issue

After the unexpected victory of Donald Trump in the presidential election, Facebook and even Google have been accused of promoting him. How? Through fake-news reports. Yann LeCun, head of Facebook’s AI Research group said that artificial intelligence might be able to reduce the flow of such news by filtering them and distinguishing what is real from what is fake. Still, there is a long road ahead until then.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference that it is unlikely that fake-news influenced the result of the election. People are seeing all sorts of new, but they only take into consideration the ones they agree with. It is impossible to please everyone. However, he agreed that the fake-news problem is real and it must be stopped. According to him, companies must implement a technology which tracks and deletes them before getting enough reach. Cut the evil from the root.

In conclusion, these short videos which Facebook released are trying to explain how the science behind artificial intelligence works. For example, how a computer can distinguish a car from a dog. They want to show people that it is nothing magical there. It might seem so, but it is not. And it is very important for people to know this.

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