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Twitter suspended its own CEO ’s Account by Mistake

November has been a weird month to say the least. First, Facebook declared its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, dead. Now, Twitter suspended its CEO ’s account. Are they trying to send a subtle message? Because if that is the case, things are starting to look creepy. Joke aside, on Tuesday, if you would have tried to access Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account, you would have seen that it got deactivated. And it lasted for about three hours. It was an internal mistake of course, as Jack himself pointed out when he got his account back.

The suspended account

The fact that Twitter accidentally suspended its own CEO ’s account for a few hours raised some concerns. There was a rumor which said that his account was actually deactivated because of a high number of complaints from other users. Even hacking was considered to be a cause. Finally, Dorsey announced that it was all accidental. At first, his statistics showed a serous drop in followers after the account went back online. From 3.9 million to about 150. However, this was quickly fixed, and his account is now back to normal. Dorsey has been Twitter’s first ever CEO. He left the company in 2008 before returning and taking the spot again.

Users are worrying

Still, many people have started wondering how many other normal accounts have been suspended thanks to an “internal mistake”? Recently, Twitter has suspended a number of rather dubious accounts. It is possible that Dorsey’s got caught up in that mess and ended up deactivated too. In this case, people should not worry about their own accounts. Still, it is natural for them to wonder if they too have been victims of such actions in the past.

Twitter’s safety policy has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. The company has struggled to keep a balance between the protection of their users from online harassment and freedom of speech. Everyone knows that terrorist groups are using the platform to communicate and to take credit for their horrible actions. So it is indeed a sensitive topic.

Hard times

Twitter has been dealing with a lot of problems recently. Their share price fell twenty per cent since the beginning of the year. Also, numerous big companies like Disney, Google or Salesforce were rumored to acquire the social platform. But, unfortunately, none of them closed the deal. This has led Twitter to cut hundreds of jobs in order to raise the profit of the company. Also, they recently killed their Vine mobile app, which was once very popular. Many people were disappointed by this decision, but it is what it is.

All in all, the situation has not been easy for Twitter. Now, they might have let it slip that they are suspending different accounts without announcing. Or at least this is what many people understood from the Jack Dorsey situation. Twitter did not respond to these accusations. Neither did they reveal what exactly cause the suspension of their CEO ’s account.

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