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Google to remove “In the News” Section after Fake-News Scandal

During this year’s presidential campaign, a lot of fake-news reports have been posted on various social media platforms and not only. Those fake news dealt especially with the campaigns of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee turned president-elect Donald Trump. And because of this unexpected result, many people accused Facebook and Google along with other websites like Twitter and even YouTube of promoting fake news in order to influence the outcome of the election.

Zuckerberg does not agree

Recently, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to these accusations and denied everything. In his opinion, those fake-news could not have influenced such a huge number of voters. Also, according to statistics, the fake-news are only 1 per cent of the entire content on Facebook. So it is unlikely that those had a big influence on the election, let alone on its result.

Google’s CEO is not so sure

Meanwhile, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is not so sure. According to him, there is a slight chance that those fake reports could have influenced the opinions of some people. Especially because of the fact that the final per cents were so close. He did not blame anyone, but he thinks that those huge websites should not be so quick to dismiss this fact. Google faced backlash because of a WordPress blog named “70 News” which claimed that Donald Trump won the popular vote by a big margin. Which was, of course, false.

Pichai also said that Google wants to reduce the amount of distributed fake news. So they are cutting the evil from its root. And they will reportedly be working a lot to perfect the algorithm in such a way that it will be able to tell the fake news from the real ones. But it might take some time. For now, that algorithm is not perfect and this is why some fake news websites are flying under the radar and end up on people’s news feeds.

Fall cleaning, Google edition

So, Google has started fall cleaning. A few days ago, the company announced that they will exclude those news outlets which are posting fake news and subsequently destroy their revenue sources. Now, according to a report, Google is planning to eliminate their “In the News” tag from Google Search. This change will be done in a matter of weeks. Still, people should not worry that they will not be able to read news anymore. Because they will, as Google will not be getting rid of the actual News section. Instead they will be altering the special algorithm which shows specific news to a certain user.

What is interesting is the fact that Google has been planning to remove the “In the News” section for a long time, exactly because of these fake news. Now they will do it more quickly because of the recent events. The said section will be replaced with a Top Stories tab, like in the mobile version. Google is yet confirm or deny these rumors, but considering their level of detail, they are probably true.

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