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The new Tesla – SolarCity Deal and what we know about it

After the majority of Tesla ’s shareholders approved the plans to acquire solar energy company SolarCity, CEO Elon Musk amazed everyone with an announcement. According to him, a solar roof for your house will cost even less than a normal roof. It will just give you energy, look nice and last longer. Now that is something! This announcement was made at Tesla’s California facility on Thursday.

We have a deal!

The deal between Tesla and SolarCity is worth $2 billion. But in the beginning, this idea was not very well received as SolarCity became a money-losing company. According to Musk, in this conditions, the huge percent of 85 of shareholders who agreed with the deal is even more astounding.

Elon Musk also talked about the amazing benefits of a solar roof. He even asked the audience why would they wish for anything else on their houses? Even if Tesla’s solar roofs will be considered a premium product, the actual production costs for them will be lower than that of normal roof tiles. The company’s idea is that transportation and breakage costs will also be lower, due to the fact that the roofing will be much lighter and easier to transport and ship.

Details about the famed solar roof

The roofing material was first revealed at a Tesla even on October 28, and took everyone by surprise. It was amazing. Reportedly, the roof will be developed by SolarCity and the electric carmaker and it is going to look like any other roof tiles (maybe a bit better), but it will provide solar energy for the entire house. What is not to love about this?

Reportedly, the roof will be made out of tempered glass by Tesla, a solar film and will make use of solar power technology developed by Tesla, SolarCity and Panasonic together. Elon Musk’s vision is to make the solar roof a normal, every-day thing, which people will use like any other construction material. He compared it to the appeal of Tesla’s electric cars.

Tesla had to deal with some problems

This year, Tesla had to deal with a lot of problems after a Tesla vehicle owner died in a car crash. He was reportedly operating his car on its Autopilot mode. It seems like things got out of hand and he crashed. Some people have even said that Elon Musk might be stretching more than his blanket allows. He is working on projects for Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX at the moment. Not that what he intends to do is a bad thing. On the contrary actually, but he might be focusing on too many direction at once to get them all right.

All in all, it seems like Elon Musk’s ambitions are greater than people thought. Not only is he dealing with many projects at once, but those projects are very different. But if he succeeds, he might offer the world serious alternatives to what we have today. We are talking about electric cars, solar roofs and space projects. Let’ hope he succeeds.

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