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Microsoft and Elon Musk’s OpenAI partner to research Artificial Intelligence

According to a blog post from Microsoft, which was posted on Tuesday, they have partnered with OpenAI. OpenAI is Elon Musk’s nonprofit company which deals with research of artificial intelligence. Reportedly, the company will have access to Microsoft’s virtual machine technology. This project runs large-scale AI training and simulation exercises. In exchange, Microsoft will be able to further research artificial intelligence on the Azure cloud platform. This is Microsoft’s cloud computing technology which runs most of their large experiments.

The main goal

The two companies’ main goal is to work together towards a more advanced understanding of the artificial intelligence field. Also, their intention is that in the future, to use artificial intelligence to deal with some of the world’s biggest problems. It is all in the benefit of the entire humanity. Both Microsoft and OpenAI wish to democratize artificial intelligence and to convince people that it is a good thing that will become indispensable in the future. Also, they wish to make it accessible to absolutely everyone. But this will be done step by step.

Mutually beneficial

The co-chair of OpenAI, Sam Altman, said in an interview that out of all the companies, Microsoft is the most compatible one with OpenAI. From the point of view of their ideas and science, Microsoft can help them enormously. Both companies wish to create a new technology based on artificial intelligence that should be beneficial to everyone in the world. Not a country, not a continent. The entire world. And the goal is to make machines and devices think and also behave like a human would.

As a nonprofit company, OpenAI can use their brightest minds to research and understand artificial intelligence and all its secrets. Then, they can share it with others who can further develop it. And what Microsoft Research want to do is to encourage other companies to do the same. To promote those researches and to help them become known in the world. The only thing Microsoft wants from the deal with OpenAI is to have artificial intelligence research conducted on Azure.  This way, they might be able to prove that the technology is actually efficient.

Microsoft ’s own race

But Microsoft is fighting its own war. Against Facebook and Google. They both are known to have invested huge amounts of money into research. Especially in the artificial intelligence field. Each one of them wishes to become the main player in this huge game. But Microsoft must be careful. No matter how hard they will work and at what result they will come, if its opponents will continue to be as popular as they are now, it will be hard to win the war.

Let’s admit it, both Facebook and Google are more popular than Microsoft at the moment. And considering that they are conducting their own researches, if they will come up with consistent results, people will join them. It won’t matter if maybe their research is poorer than Microsoft’s. People are imitating each other, and they will go toward the more popular company. And for now, that is not Microsoft.

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