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Apple reportedly has Big Plans with the iPhone 8. What kind of Plans?

concept design for an iPhone 8, bezel-less and with a bigger displayIn 2017, Apple will be releasing their new iPhone 8 and rumors have begun surfacing in the online media. If we are to believe those, the iPhone 8 is going to be not only the most sophisticated iPhone to date, but also the biggest (in size) phone of the whole year. And if you think that Apple is going to make some drastic hardware changes to their flagship phone, think again. According to those rumors, the company has something else entirely in mind.

10th Anniversary iPhone Edition

The 2017 release will reportedly mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Everyone believes that it will be called iPhone 8 and continue the tradition. It is also entirely possible that Apple will surprise everyone and change its name.

Bezel-less design

If we are to believe analyst Blayne Curtis, the new iPhone 8 will come with an entirely bezel-less display. Also talking about display, rumor has it that the new device will have a 5 and 5.8-inch display for the 9 and Plus 8 version. The phone will supposedly also have an OLED display, which will be a first for Apple. Also, that it will sport curved edges. Of course that this sizes are probably not one hundred per cent sure and can change, but it is a base from which we can build.

The biggest phone of 2017

But nobody forces us to believe the rumors. It is just speculation at this point, but it may come from something entirely real. Everyone has noticed the direction in which Apple has been going with their devices. Bigger is better. Bigger phone, bigger display. Also, the curved edges have already landed on Samsung S7 Edge, so it is entirely possible that Apple will follow this path too.

Wireless charging

Another rumor that has been circulating online is that, as Samsung Galaxy S8 will supposedly have, the iPhone 8 will sport wireless charging. It is interesting that the wireless charger was supposed to be implemented into the iPhone 7, but apparently something went wrong or they decided to wait a little bit longer. Now, according to a report, the company will implement a module into the new device. This will allow it to charge from about 15 feet from a transmitter which will be plugged into an outlet. If this is true it may be revolutionary in what regards the way we charge devices right now. For example, you can be in the bathroom or in the kitchen cooking, and your phone will still be charging, even if the transmitter is in the living room or bedroom.

Another interesting piece of information is that you will be able to charge more devices simultaneously with this module. If they are from Apple, that is.

It seems like Apple is trying to move away from traditionalism and is implementing new things. At this point those are all rumors, but from our past experiences, when they all so detailed, they are usually also true. Let’s hope this also applies now. It would be a shame for Apple to miss this opportunity. Especially after the situation Samsung was put through this year.

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