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Watch Dogs 2 and what it did better than its Predecessor

When you are young, rebellious, angry with the system and you happen to have some useful skills, what do you do? You become the unconventional means to put things in order and to punish the bad guys. It sounds like the work of a talented hacker, doesn’t it? This is what Watch Dogs 2 is all about.

Same idea, better execution

The idea on which Watch Dogs 2 is centered is almost the same as the first game. You are a talented hacker who, along with a group of weird but interesting people called DedSec, fight corporate corruption. More precisely, they try to fight and expose those people who are stealing and controlling the lives of innocent people. And this fact is met with some morality questions. As in real life, should you stop at the right time, before you start becoming the exact thing you are fighting against? Or should you just go for it and face the consequences later?

A wonderful clique of freaks

This idea exists in its predecessor too, but in Watch Dogs 2 it is better executed. The events of the game are taking place in a sunny and colorful San Francisco, unlike that grey and sad Chicago from the first game. Marcus Holloway, the main character, is far more likeable than Aiden Pearce, who was just a deadly serious hacker on a revenge mission. Marcus is funny, intelligent, charismatic and he draws you in. Also, his clique of bizarre but interesting people are a big part of the game’s best aspects. An autistic expert hacker, an exceptionally talented graphic designer by the name of Sitara and Wrench and Wrench Jr. Well, Wrench is a guy who wears a full-face mask which displays emojis instead of his eyes and which alters his voice. Wrench Jr. is his pet robot. As we told you, they are a bunch of… different people. Call them the funnier, more exposed version of the real-life Anonymous.

A variety of fun missions

As for the missions, they are as varied as the game’s characters. You can do practically anything, from infiltrating a temple to stealing a talking car from a movie set. All done in order to expose the doings of some very bad guys who are all over town, stealing people’s personal data and using it. You can do a mission without even stepping close to the building. For example, you can send drones (both on ground and flying ones) to do the work for you. They will open doors, hack security systems, trick guards, and the road will be clear for you to just go in and go out.

There are times when you will not need to touch one single guard, let alone kill him. And the mission will be successful. Another interesting feature of the game is the possibility to 3D-print guns and drones at your own will. Also, you can keep Marcus stylish by buying clothes and accessories.

All in all, the world of Watch Dogs is fun, varied and a step forward from its predecessor. It still has its problems (like the shooting passages or some missions which are a bit too daring, morality-wise), but the creators managed to keep that very good idea, and transform it into something better packaged. The game is not the best of this year, but it is close to the top. A fun experience which you need to try if you’re into hacking or if you are a fan of such things.

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