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Fake Facebook News Stories did not get Donald trump Elected, says Mark Zuckerberg

Many people have started wondering if Facebook had anything to do with the outcome of this year’s presidential election. It is known that many fake stories were posted on the social media platform over the presidential campaign. Now, everyone wonders if they affected the opinions of voters and made them go for Donald Trump. Some might call this a conspiracy theory. The hidden messages behind news reports which were most of the time fake, along with the wish to influence people. Well, Mark Zuckerberg does not seem to agree.

Mark Zuckerberg responds

It seems like now, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has responded to all of these accusations. During a Q&A session at the Techonomy Conference in Half Moon bay, California, he deemed that idea a “crazy” one. He said that the amount of fake politics news on Facebook is actually very small compared with other content the platform is promoting. So it was impossible to influence so many people to vote for Trump.

Also, Zuckerberg argued for the fact that the Internet was, is, and always will be full of hoaxes. Coming from any domain. But according to him, people over at Facebook are doing everything they can to allow users to report anything suspicious. People voted based on what they lived. And Facebook had nothing to do with it.

Facebook under fire

People have accused Facebook of promoting fake pro-Trump stories and news in the weeks leading to the election day. According to recent reports, two-thirds of U.S. adults are reading the latest news on Facebook. This is why people consider the social media platform such a big influencer that might have played with the minds of many.

But Mark Zuckerberg is defending his work. He said that people who believe that Trump became president because of some fake news on Facebook have not understood anything from this election. They need to look around and see the message Trump’s supporters are trying to send. Also, he said that those fake news were not targeting anyone in particular, so Clinton’s supporters saw them too. Bottom line is that this is an excuse some people came up with to raise controversy. And it does not have any strong base whatsoever.

Zuckerberg is not concerned

As so many influential and technologically involved people are not happy with Donald trump’s win, Mark Zuckerberg does not seem to be worried at all. At the same conference, he said that who won the election does not make any difference about what needs to be done in the world. Change is needed anyway. And also, that people should stop freaking out over the change of direction in technology or any other domain. Big changes are not done so rapidly. Everything takes time.

All in all, Facebook might have not had anything to do with the outcome of the election but they have a duty anyway. The duty to make sure that what their website is promoting and sending to visitors is accurate. Of course people will have false opinions if they form them over reading fake news. It is a never ending circle. And it will always be unless Facebook changes something. And this does not seem likely at the moment.

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