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You can now buy a refurbished iPhone and get a Discount. Is this Apple’s new Strategy?

For the first time after many years, you can buy an iPhone from their online store. And you can even get a 15 per cent discount if you do this. For example, a refurbished iPhone 6S Rose Gold has a price of $589. And this is not the only model you can buy. But Apple Store’s refurbished section on their website is not very known. And this deal we are talking about can be found in a “hidden” part of the website, as some users noticed. We cannot help but wonder. Is this Apple’s new strategy of getting more customers, after the not-so-successful iPhone 7 release? Some people even called the latest device “dull” which is not something Apple has dealt with in recent years.

Refurbished devices

If you choose to buy one of their refurbished phones, you will get a one-year warranty, as well as a new battery and outer shell. The devices are not locked and come without a SIM card. But it must be said that until now, people were only looking to buy refurbished MacBooks. Not the latest generation ones, but some which are good enough for some people’s business. And considering that they come with a full package and warranty, it is a good deal. Also, these refurbished devices are eligible for Apple Care. This is a system which offers customers a range of services and support for their Apple hardware, operating systems or applications.

A new strategy

But what does Apple intend with this introduction of iPhones on the refurbished market? Well, by offering a discount, they get rid of retailers and second-hand operations which let’s admit, we have all done at one point in our lives!

The iPhone Update Program might be another reason for this. This is a program which began last year and offered customers the possibility to buy an iPhone. But they needed to pay twenty four monthly rates. After this, the company offered them the possibility to continue payments for another twelve months or to trade their phone for another one. Usually, the latest one released.

And because of this program and because of the people who have traded older devices for the new iPhone 7, the company must find a use for those last generation iPhones. So they get refurbished, repaired, some parts are replaced, and finally the phone is put on the market.

The need to feel the greatest one again

Apple might have an urge to become the greatest one on the market. Not that they lost that title, especially after the mess with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. This smartphone was iPhone 7’s only dangerous opponent, and it went down in flames (literally). But things did not work out as great as initially thought for iPhone 7 either. Many reviewers were not very happy with the device, arguing that it did not bring anything new to the table. The water proof trick was done before by Samsung, so people were not amazed. Yes, it still moves great but other smartphones do too. They are catching up. For example, Huawei.

But we will see what will happen when Samsung will reveal their new Galaxy S8 smartphone. Considering the issued they had, they will do everything they can to convince customers that they are worthy of their trust. And Apple might just have a strong opponent.

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