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New Rumors surface regarding Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Even if Samsung has not yet announced their Galaxy S8 device, there are already rumors regarding the phone’s innovative features. Many changes are in sight and it is understandable. After the mess that was Galaxy Note 7, which the company had to totally recall and ended up stopping the production, their only choice now is to make people forget that disaster. And what a better way to do it than with a brand new spectacular phone which, and this is very important, will not catch fire. At least, let’s hope they have learned from their mistakes and it will not. Even if Samsung has still not discovered what was the exact cause of the explosive phones.

Rumor has it…

Samsung Galaxy S8 might come with the best phone display to date. They are also planning to insert the fingerprint sensor directly into the screen of the phone, getting rid of any buttons on it. This also includes the home button.

There is some speculation according to which Samsung has decided to make the Galaxy S8’s display even bigger. The reason behind this choice might be to make the phone appeal to those who are still suffering from the Note 7. And to attract them to their new and improved phone. The Galaxy Note 7 came with a 5.7-inch display. So, if this rumor is true, the Galaxy S8 might come both with a 5.7-inch display and with a 6.2-inch one. And that is a big display. One might say that the S8 might be Samsung’s first bezel-less phone. And they would be right.

There is a rumor which says that Samsung will produce the Galaxy S8 only with a curved screen. So say good-bye to the flat ones. And if you think that the new phone will be extremely big and uncomfortable to maneuver, you are right. It will probably be. But hey! When has that stopped Note 7 from being a big hit? Well, when it started exploding but that is an entirely different thing!

Also, another wild rumor says that Samsung might be planning to replace the usual power button on the side of the device with a touch one. This might be difficult to manage but we now know that the company plans to amaze everyone and to wipe away the sad memory that was Galaxy Note 7. Keeping this in mind, they might have an idea about how to make the touch power button work and not get activated without the user’s will.

Wireless charging

A report from SamMobile says that Samsung is planning to introduce the wireless charging into the main scene with the Galaxy S8. What does this mean exactly? Well, the technology is called 3-coil wireless charging and it is pretty new. This will not require for you to place the phone exactly on the charging pad. Instead, you can move around on a wider range and the phone will charge. Actually, reports are saying that it will charge even faster than with a usual charging system.

The best device possible

It surely looks like Samsung is planning to create their best smartphone yet. And they have to, if they want to regain customers’ trust. The company is expected to unveil their new Galaxy S8 in February but delays would not be unexpected. So, the phone might come out even later, in March or April.

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