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Samsung apologizes for the Note 7 Fiasco by writing Newspaper Ads

We all know by now the mess Samsung has been in for the past few months. Because of their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones which were catching fire, the company had to recall them completely. This operation cost them billions of dollars. Later, they stopped production of Note 7 models completely. Back then, they promised that they would find the exact cause of the disaster, but until now, it seems like they have not managed to.

It was not the end

People and experts started worrying. For some weeks, the South Korean giant stood under Damocles’ sword. But fortunately, it was not the end of Samsung. Yes, they lost a lot of money and yes, they do not have another smartphone to sell during the Christmas season (which will not bring them profit) but at least the company has not died. Moreover, they seem to be focusing on the next Galaxy S8, a smartphone which is supposed to be the best one yet, including an advanced artificial intelligence assistant and an amazing camera.

A letter of apology

But Samsung has omitted apologizing to their customers. Until now. On Monday, the company used three major United States daily publications and printed full pages of apologies and promises. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post were the dailies in which the ad appeared, signed by Samsung CEO, Gregory Lee.

In the letter, Lee issued an apology to their customers. He also said that nobody is more disappointed than them for not being able to offer the promised high quality and class. He also promised that Samsung would continue investigating the cause which led to so many phones being destroyed by bursts of flame.

The ending of the letter reassures customers that the company wants to make sure that their safety is the most important aspect. They also promised to learn from their mistakes and to never repeat them again while saying that the users will never be disappointed by their products ever again.

Interestingly enough, the ad also mentions another problem which they had with some washing machines. According to them, 35 models of washing machine which were having problems made Samsung recall them all. Moreover, nine people got injured because of them and the company received 700 reports that the machines were malfunctioning. Sounds familiar, right?

Will customers be convinced?

The next question now is: will customers be convinced by their apology? Will they come back to using Samsung devices? Or more importantly, how long will it take for them to realize that they are safe? These are all question only time will answer. For now, Samsung has taken a step in the right direction by admitting they did something wrong. Also, by apologizing to customers. After all, they are the most important factors in the company’s profit and it would be foolish to just ignore their complaints and move on like nothing happened. One thing is clear: the leadership of Samsung wishes to build back the burned down bridges. And they might do it.

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